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“Literally everything. I was asked by a friend from grad school to be her bridesmaid. After clarifying what that entailed, I accepted. After that, I started receiving messages from her maid of honor and childhood best friend. Suddenly, the bachelorette party became a destination event. We were informed that we were expected to pay for the bride’s portion of the bachelorette, which included all food, drink, transportation (including her airfare), and her share of the Airbnb, which had to have a pool. Half of the bridesmaids were broke, some even in literal debt, and the bride was aware of their financial situations. When I suggested that maybe she should contribute to the costs, she responded with, “You expect me to pay for something!”

“And then she proceeded to blame her maid of honor and childhood best friend for their personal debt. Not long after, I realized she only asked me because I could afford it, and I was there to offset the cost. I backed out after the bachelorette trip, where not only did I blow my budget for being a bridesmaid, but the bride also ate my food, and not once did she open her wallet. I realized that I couldn’t be friends with someone who prioritized a party over the well-being of her closest friends. So, I backed out of being her bridesmaid and ended our friendship when she gave me an ultimatum: either I continued as a bridesmaid, or we were no longer friends. I don’t do ultimatums.”


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