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“I was engaged to a guy who was a golf pro with dreams of playing professional golf, but he never did well in any smaller tournaments, mostly because he had a drinking problem. He made very little money; I was primarily supporting him, and he had a terrible temper. It’s amazing how easy it is to overlook personality defects when you think you are in love. I made excuses for him, even though his behavior was inexcusable. He ordered me out of the golf cart during a tournament because he made a bad shot and blamed me for making a noise that distracted him. While he rode in the cart for the rest of the tournament, I had to walk in 108-degree weather, and he never apologized.”

“I had an operation, and when I came home after surgery, he helped me to bed upstairs and left to play golf. I wasn’t allowed to use the stairs, so I was stuck upstairs until he returned and could bring me food. I finally started to see him for who he was when I took a job at the golf course where he worked part-time. I began to see that he was using me and finally broke up with him. He tried to get me to change my mind, but I was determined to move on. It was really hard untangling our lives, especially because I adored his parents who were heartbroken by our breakup. I only saw them one time after, but his mom and I corresponded by snail mail for years. A few years later, I married a man I’d known since I was 7. He is the love of my life, and we’ve been happily married 25 years.”

—73, Arizona

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