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While knowing how to pose for wedding photos can help you look picture-perfect in every shot, the concept of posing may sound nerve-wracking for most people. After all, there are so many other things to think about on the big day, and “landing the right pose” won’t be your greatest priority. If you appropriately plan for your photos ahead of your celebration, however, posing for pictures will come naturally to you, easing the stress associated with this important task.

Luckily, not much prep work is needed to land the perfect shot, as the trick to posing for your wedding photographs is to hardly pose at all. “The biggest piece of advice I can provide for brides or grooms regarding posing in their wedding photos is not to. The more a bride or groom can be in the moment and focused on their significant other and/or being present is what will yield the most authentically beautiful images of themselves,” shares wedding photographer Gina Esposito. “Ideally, a couple will hire a photographer to be the professional, directing them through all the different aspects of what to do in order to look their most natural.”

Meet the Expert

  • Gina Esposito is the CEO and principal photographer of Anée Atelier, an award-winning New York City-based photography boutique.
  • Mikkel Woodruff is a luxury and destination wedding photographer based on the East Coast.
  • Terri Baskin is the owner of Terri Baskin Photography. She’s based in the Washington D.C. area and has over 10 years of experience.

Need more advice? Ahead, Esposito, and wedding photographers Mikkel Woodruff and Terri Baskin, help explain the best photography tips for bridal and groom poses—including how to pose naturally on the big day and the top five wedding pose mistakes to avoid. Read on for more.

How to Pose Naturally for Your Wedding Photos

As mentioned, the best wedding photos are the ones that look completely natural when snapped. That said, posing “naturally” doesn’t come easy for everyone, as some people are inherently awkward in front of a camera. One way to combat this dilemma? Hire a photographer you trust and feel comfortable around. “More times than not, if a person or couple is put in a position where they feel uncomfortable, the camera doesn’t lie and feelings of insecurity will no doubt translate into the final product,” shares Esposito. “This is why it is so important to not only choose a professional photographer based on their images, but also off of who they are as a person. The photographer needs to be able to create an atmosphere that instills confidence and comfort in their subject.”

Woodruff also points out that candid, natural shots are typically produced by capturing a couple’s natural movements uninterrupted. “I tell my couples if they’re inclined to do something or move in a natural way, don’t stop,” she explains. “So much of the time I have couples smiling and laughing perfectly, and then they remember I’m there and stop to make sure they’re in the right position. Just keep going! If you don’t look good, the photographer should tell you.”

Lastly, embrace natural poses like laughing or giggling. “If it’s discreet, do a little butt squeeze, the laughs from that are amazing,” shares Woodruff. “Or, try looking in your partner’s eyes for 20 seconds straight. Inevitably one of you will start laughing! Or, my favorite: Think of a secret—dirty or clean—and whisper it in your partner’s ear. This one works splendidly.”

Unsure where you place your arms when posing? “Don’t press your arms against your body,” Woodruff advises. “If the bride wants to hold her bouquet, she should keep her arms relaxed and elongated. Pressing her elbows tightly into her body could make her arms less flattering.” For group shots with arms around each other, Woodruff recommends keeping the arms low and around the waist, not shoulders—which leads to stretched and stressed fabric.

The Top 5 Wedding Pose Mistakes to Avoid

Here, we list out what to avoid when posing for your special snaps on the big day.

Unnatural Kisses

This should come as no surprise, but you should kiss your partner the way you would kiss them on an ordinary day. Meaning, don’t try and stage a kissing pose, as you’ll likely end up looking stiff and awkward in the photo. “If photos look too staged/posed, the emotional connection you have to the photos can get lost,” shares Baskin. “The excitement of the wedding day is one that couples will relive over and over, and being able to feel the emotion in the photo helps when couples are naturally enjoying their day again and again.”

Too Much Kissing

Your wedding photography session isn’t a make-out session. “We want neat and clean kisses,” Woodruff says. “Also, turn your head enough so you’re not squishing your partner’s nose in. If it feels like you’re squishing, you probably are.” Keep your kisses soft, sweet, and romantic—if you do, the end result will be a knockout photo.

Moving Too Fast

Though walking photos look great for couples and the larger bridal party, be sure to tread slowly when taking these snaps. “It’s not a race,” Woodruff says. “So many times the wedding party ends up walking way ahead. Just slow down and interact with each other.”

Practicing Too Much

Couples may want to perfect their smiles before the wedding day, but Woodruff recommends spending that time elsewhere. “Don’t practice smiling because then you’ll overthink it,” she says. “I can tell when couples have tried to practice their smiles and they end up looking too self-conscious.” Baskin also adds, “Sometimes practiced poses do not always translate well on camera and can come across as stiff or unnatural.”

Not Sharing Your Preferences With the Photographer

If you have any insecurities or you have a side you prefer, tell the photographer. “It could be a height difference, a particular side you like photographed, or insecurities about, say, your arms or your stomach,” Woodruff says. “Be vocal about this with your photographer beforehand, then you both can be more successful with the final product.”

40 Wedding Photo Poses to Inspire Your Own

Remember: It’s best not to overly prepare for your wedding photos, as that can cause you to look unnatural when taking your pics. According to Baskin, “An important tip I remind my brides of on their wedding day is to not think too much about the poses they may have seen online or practiced themselves.”

With that in mind, it never hurts to share a few ideas with your photographer so they can help guide you in the right direction. So, if you’re searching for some inspiration, here are 40 popular wedding photo poses to consider for your big day.

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