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Krista Bo (host)


Hey there! Need a breather from the breaking news? Then you’re in the right place! Each Saturday, we focus on stories that remind us of the good stuff happening. You know, the kind of stuff that brings a smile to your face. Maybe even makes you giggle a little! We’ll talk about how some older adults in the UK are making some new friends.

Nursery manager


You know, we’ve been told that people kind of come alive basically when the children are around, and that’s exactly what we want to do.

Krista Bo (host)


Plus, will our hearts go on if an iconic prop from the ‘Titanic’ is in the hands of a new owner? From CNN, I’m Krista Bo and this is 5 Good Things.

Students at Iowa State University are raving about a new class they’re taking.

Joshua McCunn


When I walk into the class, I leave the class better than when I walked in as.

Laurey Johnson


I found myself able to enjoy life more.

Alana Corwin


In fact, I think that this should really be a core class work for a lot of different majors.

Krista Bo (host)


The course is called The Science and Practice of Happiness. And this one, plus others like it, come at a perfect time. New data from Gallup shows Americans under 30 are unhappy. So much so that the U.S. fell out of the top 20 happiest countries for the first time. Professor Dr. Amie Zarling was inspired to teach the class, partly because she noticed that mental health struggles and stress get in the way of learning for a lot of students.

Professor Amie Zarling


So this course is all about practice and building habits. We really strive to help our students learn how to live their best lives and be their happier selves.

Krista Bo (host)


‘Practicing gratitude, nurturing relationships, and savoring every positive moment are some of the habits she teaches that we can all practice for a better wellbeing. Self-compassion is another one that Sahlins says was a learning curve for students.

Professor Amie Zarling


The research shows that we’re actually kinder and more compassionate toward others when we are compassionate toward ourselves.

Krista Bo (host)


In theory, no one likes a wedding crasher, but Cara and Matt Hamdan couldn’t stay mad at the one that interrupted their wedding when they were reading their heartfelt vows in New York. They noticed their guests were a little distracted…. *WEDDING VOW NATS*

Krista Bo (host)


Eventually, Kara’s maid of honor pointed out that there was a kitten meowing behind the altar! *WEDDING VOW NATS* Catt – get it? Cara and Matt – are big cat people. They even had cat wedding toppers on their cake. So even though the kitten ran off into the woods, Cara says it was like she never left.

Cara Hamdan


Everyone was like, we’re having the best time. This wedding is fantastic. But like the cat, that’s all anyone wanted to talk about for, like, the whole night.

Krista Bo (host)


A few weeks later, the venue was able to lure the kitty in with some shrimp. And Cara and Matt couldn’t help but adopt her.

Cara Hamdan


This was fate. We’re going to. We’re going to get this cat felt like everything was kind of meant to be.

Krista Bo (host)


They named her Daisy, and she’s become quite the celebrity. After the video of her crashing the wedding went viral.

Cara Hamdan


People are so excited. And they’re like, what in the Disney story is this? She’s perfectly fit into our lives so well.

Krista Bo (host)


One center in the UK is bringing people together in a very special way. Belong Chester Care Village is a home for older adults with a children’s nursery inside of it.

Nursery rhymes singing


Whoa! The Hokey Cokey x 3

Krista Bo (host)


That means the kiddos are learning right alongside their older friends like Ian.

Belong patient Ian


We mix the like the family – the children, and infirm like myself, all get on. It’s a great place to be.

Krista Bo (host)


‘The nursery in belong is run by Ready Generations. They work with several universities to research and evaluate intergenerational approaches. After one year at the facility, the group says the adults that belong had more self-esteem, confidence and joy, and they were less lonely and isolated. Relatives say the initiative helps their loved ones with dementia become more relaxed, and the nursery manager says they’ve really formed connections with the kids.

Nursery manager


You know, we’ve been told that people kind of come alive basically when the children are around, and that’s exactly what we want to do.

Krista Bo (host)


Plus, the kids benefit too! Ready Generations says they’re more empathetic and better at problem solving and relationship building.

This scene from the Paramount Pictures film Titanic may be one of the most iconic and hotly debated scenes in movie history.

Rose from the movie ‘Titanic’


I’ll never let go.

Krista Bo (host)


Spoiler alert Rose does let Jack, who froze to death, go. Yes, it’s a sad ending, but our hearts will go on to have a spirited debate over whether Jack’s life could have been saved if Rose shared that wooden plank. The MythBusters from the Discovery Channel said, yes, it’s physically possible – if they added a life jacket for extra buoyancy. Others disagree. But regardless, this props mystery has been floating around for nearly three decades. And now, it belongs to a new owner who bought it for more than $700,000 at a memorabilia auction. Heritage auctions hosted the five day event where collectibles from other movies were sold too, but says this Titanic prop was the highest selling item. So I wonder what the new owner is going to do with it. A pool day perhaps?

Up next, people are throwing parties where guests have to bring your own. Actually, I’m going to tell you after we take a quick break. But before we go, I can’t get enough of all this goodness? Well, then you’ve got to sign up for CNN’s The Good Stuff newsletter. For a weekly dose of more uplifting news – and cute animal videos – straight to your inbox every Saturday. You can find the link to sign up in our show notes. We’ll be right back.

If you’re looking to jazz up your next gathering, I may know just the trick. People are throwing parties where guests have to BYOP: bring your own PowerPoint. CNN’s Taylor Galgano’s here. Hey, Taylor!

Taylor Galgano (producer)



So I know this really blew up during the early days of the pandemic, but can you explain for those who don’t know?

Taylor Galgano (producer)


Yeah, so the idea here is to create a PowerPoint presentation, but on like a ridiculous topic to make your friends laugh. For instance, one of my friends did a whole PowerPoint raid ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ characters. And as you know, that show has been on for a while, so it was funny.

Krista Bo (host)


That is so funny. I love this idea in general! I really want to go to one, but I’ve never been yet. Oh, okay.

Taylor Galgano (producer)


Well, if you do end up going to one and you need some topic ideas, I found some pretty funny ones on TikTok.

Party goer #1


I love cheese… this is what kind of cheese I think you guys would be. *awww*

Party goer #2


hi everyone. This is my presentation on if my friends were fish *hahaha*.

Party goer #3


This is how I think we would each die in a zombie apocalypse. *hahaha*

Krista Bo (host)


Oh my gosh, these are good! But another one I just thought of was maybe your most recent rabbit hole. I’m sure that’ll be, like, funny? Embarrassing? What do you think?

Taylor Galgano (producer)


Well, I think that I’d be pretty good at that, considering I fall down a new internet rabbit hole basically once a week!

Krista Bo (host)



All right, that’s all for now. Join us tomorrow for the next edition of One Thing. Host David Rind and CNN’s Van Jones revisit what happened in the Tennessee legislature last year, and how those expulsions could set the stage for the general election.

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