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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The cool weather of a Savannah winter makes it prime time for outdoor weddings and events. For those engaged and looking at Savannah, here are some options.

This award-winning venue features three different settings: the barn, the grainery and the bell tower.

The 440 acres of land were used during the Civil War by the Confederate and Union soldiers, where they received medical attention.

Known for its calm simplicity, all three venues can be turned into wedding spaces of your choosing. They will provide an event venue manager, specialty lighting and free parking, with set up and clean up included.


For the months of March, April, May, September, October, November and December: Monday to Thursday ($6,050), Friday ($8,950), Saturday ($10,100) and Sunday ($7,800).

For the months of January, February, June, July and August:

Monday to Thursday ($5,200), Friday ($7,500), Saturday ($8,650) and Sunday ($6,350).

The Mackey House, built in the 1930s, stands on a 150-acre property to extend southern hospitality.

The southern-style mansion features a bridal suite and groom’s room for pre-ceremony fun for up to three hours.

With four hours of event time, The Georgia Garden can hold up to 250 guests with a lake, open garden, open-air pavilion and cocktail terrace.

Located next to the terrace is the Grand Veranda where there is space for a band, DJ and dancing.


For the months of March, April, May, September, October and November:

Friday at $9,900, Saturday at $15,180 and Sunday at $7,260

For the months of January, February, June, July, August and December:

Friday at $6,600, Saturday at $11,880 and Sunday at $5,940

Bar service is around $30 to $42 per person and catering is $40 to $75, contact to book.

Built in 1899, the Gingerbread House bears the style of the Black Forest region in Germany and has been the site of film productions like the 1988 movie “Pals.” The venue package allows for 50 guests for an eight-hour private use, which makes it great for intimate weddings and events.

They will also be able to provide house staff, ceremony officials, wedding coordinators, caterers and wedding a director to make your special day run smoothly.

The house allows overnight lodging for up to 10 guests, in-house beer, wine, coffee or tea. For more information on pricing contact 912-358-8440.

This old factory built in the 1900s is a hidden gem that features a main floor, stage with mezzanine and a 7,200 square foot courtyard.

With a historical feel and a modern touch, it’s 15,000 square feet in total with a skylight loft, suites and two indoor bars.

This venue can house up to 150 guests. For investment details, schedule a viewing and contact [email protected].

On 18 acres of property and built 80 years ago, Holly Oaks prides themselves on their historic aesthetic and luxury style.

Able to accommodate up to 500 guests, they only host up to 10 exclusive luxury events.

They require and refer a full-service planner and vendors. While they don’t offer chairs, tables or linens, tents are encouraged and decorated with detail.

The average cost of their weddings comes to around $225,000 according to their website, contact them at [email protected] to schedule your exclusive day.

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