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The dress has been chosen for months. The alterations are in their final stages. The invitations are just starting to hit homes, and the wedding to-do punch list is winding down. Now it’s time to turn to those last glittering details that bring the entire bridal look together. 

Your wedding day wardrobe can be so much more than the perfect gown, hair, and makeup. There’s an entire world of accessories that add personality, timeless style, or a touch of something whimsical, bold, or even dramatic to your bridal style. And, the best part about accessories is that you can easily add and remove them throughout the day. 

“More of our brides are purchasing several accessories to take on and off during photos. That could be gloves, a jacket or bolero, a different belt, or even jewelry. This lets them embrace trends and personal style while remaining timeless,” says Julie Sabatino, Founder of The Stylish Bride and Author of Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle.

Want to get inspired to start flirting with the finishing touches? Here are the seven bridal accessory trends the experts are excited to see walk down the aisle in 2024.

Pearl Detail

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You might be thinking, “Pearls for bridal. Groundbreaking.” But, this year, pearls are having a moment, and it’s not just the classic pearl bracelet or pearl embroidery on a dress.

“We’re loving pearls on brides lately, but in a new and modern way. We are seeing them as an embroidery element on a veil or in their accessories like shoes and handbags,” says Sabatino.

It’s a nod to a timeless bridal look, but in a way that feels more youthful and fresh. If your something old does happen to be a pearl necklace or pearl earrings from a relative, then incorporating pearls into another, more unexpected piece is a lovely way to echo the look.

Oversized Bows

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Bows are big if you plan to say “I do” this year. It could be a giant bow on your shoes, a purse that’s tied up with a fluffy, wired ribbon bow, or it might be a nostalgic bow sitting atop a perky ponytail as you sashay into cocktail hour.

Sarah Klingman, Founder & CEO at Mostest, is seeing her brides look for bigger and better bows this year. “Oversized bows are making a bold statement, serving as the centerpiece on various bridal accessories. Jennifer Behr is at the forefront of this trend. She crafts bow hairpieces that feel both charming and sophisticated.”

Bridal Gloves

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Maybe it’s all the interest in the royals, or perhaps it’s the enthusiasm for vintage, but gloves are having an unlikely yet glamorous resurgence. “Gloves had always been part of a bridal ensemble—I personally wore them in 2001—but about 15 years ago interest in them all but disappeared. However, they are back and more and more of our clients are looking at gloves as a fun accessory to add later in the night or to put on for a few photos,” says Sabatino.

Gloves are showing up in lace, satin, and other sumptuous fabrics that bring an old-world Hollywood elegance to a bridal look. Expect everything from opaque and tulle opera gloves to lacey fingerless gloves and embellished iterations. Try wearing them for photos or your ceremony, though you may want to ditch them once the reception starts.

Convertible Accessories

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If you’re dreaming of multiple looks throughout the evening, then convertible accessories help streamline the packing list. Sabatino notes that she’s seeing brides look for accessories that can be worn alone and then paired with an additional piece to change up the look. “I’ve seen an earring with a detachable drop so that you can wear them together or just as the post,” says Sabatino. She also loves the creativity of wearing a brooch that can be turned into a necklace as the evening goes on—it could even be used on your bouquet early in the day, then swapped into the necklace later. 

Statement Capes

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Whether you need the extra layer or not, a cape is a stunning way to make a statement on your wedding day. It can be a structured taffeta cape, a shorter cape with stunning embroidery, a long flowing cape, or anything in between. Think about the effect as you walk down the aisle with the flowing material behind you. Capes make a great stand-in for veils and long trains—and can be removed later. This is also a fun accessory to use if you want to incorporate bold or subtle colors or if you want to bring in a wild print or embellished sparkle moment as the evening unfolds.

Neck Scarves


A breezy neck scarf is the ultimate in cool girl sophistication, and that effortless look is now making its way into bridal. “Neck scarves add flair as an unexpected bridal accessory. They feel fresh and fashionable,” says Klingman. 

Neck scarves can be gauzy and float like a veil down a bride’s back or take the form of a light pashmina draped around the neck. However you start, if the look gets too much as the night heats up, the scarf can be tied differently. Try it around your hair or tossed over your shoulders.

Mary Janes

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Timeless, retro Mary Janes are the sweetheart of the fashion world right now, and brides are following suit. “Metallic Mary Janes combine classic design with a modern twist, perfect for a bride who wants both comfort and style on her big day,” says Klingman. Try a shimmering silver pair, subtle gold, or even an iridescent blue for a touch of surprising yet bridal color.

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