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This post contains spoilers from the Thursday, May 2 episode of 9-1-1.

If you thought a wedding on 9-1-1 could happen without some mind-blowing catastrophe, you probably haven’t been paying attention.

Thursday’s episode featured the long-awaited wedding of Maddie Buckley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Howard “Chimney” Han (Kenneth Choi) — and it was an appropriate, tear-jerker of a disaster. But with a happy ending, of course.

The episode began on the wedding day, as Maddie stressed about Chimney’s whereabouts as well as that of her brother, Buck (Oliver Stark), and Eddie (Ryan Guzman), who were all already 30 minutes late. As was teased in the episode trailers, Buck and Eddie finally arrive looking like they’ve been through Hangover hell and back and still dressed in their Miami Vice-inspired ’80s outfits from the themed bachelor party.

A bachelor party, it turns out, that Chimney never wound up attending.

Oliver Stark and Ryan Guzman on ‘9-1-1’.

Disney/Chris Willard

Once everyone from the 118 sprung into action, Chimney’s phone was found in the middle of a highway.

After waking up disoriented in his car, Chimney was confronted by a carjacker who sped off with his vehicle and threw his phone into the street. Chimney attempted to retrieve it and was nearly run over a bus, which he eventually boarded because he was “late for work.”

Only he didn’t get off at the firehouse. Chimney sat on the bus seemingly speaking to Doug, Maddie’s abusive ex-husband (played by Hewitt’s real-life husband, Brian Hallisay) whom she killed in self-defense in season 2. Chimney imagined Doug stabbing him again — as he did in the season 2 episode “Chimney Begins” — and then disembarked near the karaoke bar where he once worked… in 2005.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kenneth Choi in a previous episode of ‘9-1-1’.

FOX via Getty

Confused when it wasn’t there, he continued to wander as the 118 continued to search for him and try to figure out what was wrong. When a car ran into an outdoor market, injuring several people, Chimney sprung into action and set up a triage before help could arrive — but still believed he worked at a karaoke bar.

Eventually, after seeing his dead best friend Kevin, Chimney headed — to Kevin’s parents’ house. And they called 9-1-1.

It turns out, a man Chimney helped rescue from an air duct several weeks prior exhibited similar symptoms and was eventually diagnosed with viral encephalitis, which he’d contracted in Central America.

When Chimney finally awoke in the hospital, he immediately apologized… for missing his wedding day. He knew who Maddie was as well as their young child, Jee-Yun, and proposed. Maddie quickly responded with a tearful yes, as soon as he’s out of the hospital.

But when he asked how long that would be and Maddie said three weeks, Chimney confessed he didn’t want to wait another minute.

The ‘9-1-1’ wedding, take 1.

Disney/Chris Willard

So, alas, the wedding took place at the hospital, officiated by Capt. Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) and attended by all their loved ones. Playing in the background for that special moment was a recording by Hewitt of a ballad version of Chimney and Maddie’s song, “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

Buck’s date Tommy (Louis Ferrigno Jr.) didn’t quite make it in time for the vows — he was busy fighting a fire — but Buck gave him a big kiss upon his arrival, getting soot all over his face and thus revealing his new relationship to anyone at the event who wasn’t already aware of his new relationship (including his parents).

In the last scene, Chimney told Maddie he was relieved he remembered so much but confessed he didn’t recall Buck and Tommy’s relationship. And then he asked, “Why do they call me Chimney?”

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9-1-1 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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