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SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM/Gray News) – A 90-year-old mail carrier is being recognized for spending 65 years at USPS.

Warren Wedding has devoted his life to serving his community for decades – rain or shine.

Wedding is a lifelong resident of Saginaw, Michigan and a Navy veteran who is still delivering mail at 90 years old.

“Probably the easiest job I ever had. It’s just been something to keep me going for all these years. I said if I was probably still married, I might have retired a long time ago, but now it’s worth it to just keep out of mischief,” Wedding said.

He started as a mail carrier in 1958, and since then, he has watched his community change and grow.

“It’s how much has changed in the city, and it’s expanded,” he said. “It’s pretty much the same, just the houses are getting bigger, and the people are getting more people, and we’re getting more apartments.”

Looking back, Wedding said he misses the days before they had mail trucks.

“I used to like it better before we had vehicles and stuff. I could get out and all the kids followed me around, and I had a dog that followed me around the route,” Wedding said. “The only vehicles we had back then were parcel postal routes and mounted routes like this one. But I used to take my little cart and push it around, and all the kids used to follow me, and I used to buy them pop at the gas station.”

A few of the mail carriers at the post office on Boardwalk Drive in Saginaw have known Wedding for decades and consider him a close friend, mentor, and great example for the younger generation.

“We really like him, just as a friend. He’s a great friend,” said Tammy Sheahan, USPS carrier. “He knows every route. He’s very helpful to all the new people, has high energy. So, I thought if he can do it, I can do it, since I’m probably 30 years younger than he is.”

Another coworker said it’s amazing to see Wedding still working – happily – at age 90.

“Most people would be happy to be alive at 90 and in decent health, but Warren, he’s here every day, plugging away. So just, I respect him and admire him for that,” said Jerry Fries, USPS carrier.

Wedding is also the recipient of three Million Mile Awards – a special recognition by the USPS for carriers who’ve obtained 1 million miles, or at least 30 years of safe driving, with no incidents.

But what’s most impressive is Wedding’s positive outlook on life.

“I like my job, and when the weather’s bad, I can take the days off, you know, that’s the difference now with having seniority,” Wedding said. “But outside of that, it’s like, I haven’t got any complaints. In fact, I’ve got a fantastic life, I guess you would say.”

As of now, Wedding said he has no plans to retire because it keeps him busy, and he loves what he does.

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