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Andy, who is Iranian, asked Keith if he’d like to incorporate a sofreh – a Persian wedding tradition that has the couple sit in front of a table adorned with symbolic items representing their union. “Design + food, I thought. It’s so us… candlesticks and vintage textiles and vessels filled with pastries, fruit and ingredients. It’s such a sweet tradition, and many of the guests had never experienced a Persian wedding before. Myself included,” Keith says.

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After getting ready at The Carlyle, the grooms walked down the aisle in custom P Johnson tuxedos to “Love to Love You Baby” by Donna Summer. Andy’s sister Ghazal officiated as they sat behind their sofreh table in the Armory’s Veterans Room, which was designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Stanford White, Candace Wheeler and Samuel Colman in the late 19th century.

Both men recall a deep sense of calm during their ceremony: “I was obviously excited, but not terribly nervous. Choosing to marry Keith was the easiest decision I’ve made in life,” Andy says.

Afterward, they held an intimate – but energetic – dinner. Andy, who released his first cookbook, The Cook You Want to Be, in 2022, asked Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske of Wildair and Bar Contra to cater, while Lauren Schofield, the former pastry chef of Flora Bar, made a cake table to end all cake tables. “We wanted the night to feel lavish and have people get a little debauched. People seemed to get second, third, maybe fourth servings of desserts. The non-smokers snuck outside and bummed cigs from the smokers. Our ’90s dance favourites kept the dancefloor packed,” says Andy of their reception.

Their wedding went on late into the night, with many guests going out to bars and clubs afterward. But for Keith and Andy, they just wanted that newlywed magic to last a little bit longer: “We went back to the Carlyle, drew a bath and soaked,” Andy says.

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