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One couple in Toronto recently decided to tie the knot onboard a TTC streetcar, and the moment they said their “I do” vows has already gone viral on social media.

Contrary to popular belief, Lisa and James didn’t actually meet on the TTC, and the idea of getting hitched on a streetcar originated after the couple browsed through other pricey wedding venues in the city. 

“The streetcar idea was born out of us wanting to have a very small, simple wedding,” Lisa told blogTO.

“You invite one person, and now you have to invite 25. I’m not the type that wants to wear a big poofy dress and a tiara; that’s not me.” 

Instead of paying for a traditional wedding venue, the couple opted to donate the money they would’ve used to three separate organizations, namely CAMH, Covenant House, and the United Way Greater Toronto

Lisa and James tied the knot onboard the 504 streetcar on Saturday. Photo: Jon Sturge.

“While we were scoping out the 504 streetcar the day before, we couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people weren’t enjoying the same wonderful weekend we were about to, and that felt like the right thing to do with the money we saved on a venue for a ten-minute ceremony,” Lisa explained. 

“It cost us $26 and change to take the streetcar, which was headed to where we were going for dinner.” 

On Saturday at approximately 4 p.m., the couple hopped on the streetcar as they made their way to Rodney’s Oyster House

“We thought that backdrop is actually fantastic. There’ll be random people getting on and off, and we thought about chartering the streetcar, but why do that?” Lisa told blogTO. 

ttc wedding“I was willing to roll the dice that humans aren’t that bad, and we would be able to execute in five or so stops. It would be lovely to have a congregation of strangers, and it was. It was so short and sweet that no one would have time to think about it, no one would have time to sabotage it,” she explained.

“No one would have any time at all except to witness something really nice.” 

As Lisa walked down the aisle of the streetcar, commuters began pulling out their phones after realizing what was happening. One TikTok documenting the wedding — uploaded by user @saroumouche — has already amassed over 340,000 views. 

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“It’s bananas. We thought we would have to scour the internet for maybe a hashtag to see if anyone took any pictures,” Lisa said of the viral clip. “It’s lovely that people are interested in good news.” 

Aside from well wishes for the couple, comments under the video speculated about whether or not the wedding party actually paid for their fare ahead of the ceremony. 

“We not only paid the fare, we got 30 pre-loaded PRESTO passes for the people on the streetcar in case we needed them to move or we needed the back,” she told blogTO. 

While there is no TTC connection in the couple’s love story, Lisa explained that the ceremony’s pastor, Michael Winnowski, coincidentally takes the 504 streetcar all the time. 

ttc weddingWith no objections and lots of cheers from other passengers, Lisa and James hopped off the streetcar together as a newlywed couple. 

“There was something so romantic about it,” Lisa said. “It was really fantastic.”

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