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Alex Warren just revealed that his “father figure” who accidentally shot him at age 18, will be “officiating my wedding.”

While appearing on “The Viall Files” podcast in an episode posted on Thursday, April 25, Alex opened up about being shot five years ago and that the shooter will be the officiant during his upcoming wedding to Kouvr Annon.

Recounting the story, Alex, 23, revealed he was “filming a video with a group of my friends at my friends house,” when his friend’s dad came out with a gun.

“He didn’t know it was loaded from his sons having it loaded — and he just pointed at me and said ‘run,’” he recalled. “And so I did, and I got shot. [It] went through my liver, went up, missed my heart by a few centimeters and it’s stuck in my lung now.”

The singer also explained that his friend’s dad didn’t get arrested because he “lied and said it was ricochet.”

“But it’s been longer than the statute of limitations, so it’s all good,” he quipped.

As for his father figure’s reaction, Alex explained he was “very, very apologetic about it — but I don’t know [why he did it.]”

“He was like a father figure to me, funny enough, after my dad passed away. Like, he did a lot for me, and also when I was homeless, he gave me a car to sleep in and stuff — probably because of the bullet,” he joked.

However, Alex said he  isn’t one to hold grudges, bullet aside.

“I’m one of the most forgiving people ever so I also just hate holding grudges and things like that,” he explained. “And ever since then, he’s been a huge part of my life, which is cool.”

Alex will be marrying Kouvr later this year, who he began dating around 2018, until announcing their engagement in 2022.

“It’s in June,” he revealed, “It’s 350 people. We just invited like some of the Hype House people,” he said, before admitting: “I am not saying who’s not invited.”

In December 2022, the “Chasing Shows” singer posted  a video of his proposal on Instagram, captioning his post: “I proposed to my best friend.”

Showing off their engagement photos in a second post, Alex wrote, “I can’t wait to show our kids these photos one day and show that it is possible to get the prettiest girl at school.”

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