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Alia Bhatt recently re-wore her wedding saree to the National Film Awards 2023 and the internet cannot keep calm about her bold and sustainable fashion choice. Though it’s almost like a tradition in India to store wedding dresses carefully and pass them on to younger generations, many people, including celebs, have previously opted to re-wear their wedding dresses to mark other important occasions.
Stylist Aisha Deshmukh, who re-wore her wedding saree for her cousin’s wedding, says, “I made it a point to get a traditional yet simple outfit for my wedding that I could re-wear at a later point in life.Previously, brides used to opt for lehengas that were extremely heavy which made them a liability not only on the day of the wedding but also after that which made them difficult to re-wear.”

(Image: Instagram/Alia Bhatt)

Pastel colours, intricate embroidery make it easier to re-wear wedding outfits
“It is important to invest in timeless pieces that can be re-worn or repurposed. Walk away from the notion that you have to wear red on your wedding day and experiment with pastel shades that are trending—this is exactly how Alia could re-wear her wedding saree since the colour is soothing and the work is intricate which makes it easier to repeat for smaller functions.” — Sayali Ghorpade, stylist

Zeenat Aman

(Image: Instagram/Zeenat Aman)

Don’t feel pressurised to buy new outfits: Zeenat Aman
Zeenat Aman recently took to Instagram to let her followers in on a “secret” and shared that most of the designer outfits that she wears for events are borrowed. “I don’t want young people to feel pressured to buy new outfits or spend beyond their means just because they see celebrities in designer clothes. Whether you borrow, thrift or buy, what matters is that you don’t break your bank, and actually enjoy what you wear,” she wrote further.
“Opt for lighter fabrics like organza or Chanderi but with lesser embroidery. Once you eliminate the heavy wedding jewellery, the look is automatically toned down. For lehengas, retain the blouse and veil and pair it with a simple skirt. You can also combine the veil and dupatta to make a saree which can also be made into a not-so-heavy lehenga.” — Sayali Ghorpade, stylist
Other celebs who re-wore their wedding dresses:
Keira Knightley
Emma Stone
Chloë Sevigny
Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Genelia Deshmukh
Gwen Stefani
“People tend to follow celebs for style trends, so when they re-wear an outfit, it automatically becomes a statement. Lately, people have opted for neutral undertones like beige, ivory and white compared to reds or pani pink. Repurposing an outfit is sustainable, easier on the pocket, and lighter to wear.” — Aisha Deshmukh, stylist
Tips to maintain your wedding dress
Get the outfits dry-cleaned as soon as possible
Keep them wrapped in paper or plastic sheets to prevent dust and avoid rusting on the stones
Keep them away from sunlight and in an enclosed space
(As per Aisha Deshmukh, stylist)

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