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Alison Sweeney, Lacey Chabert and Autumn Reeser in “The Wedding Veil” movies

After the first trilogy of “Wedding Veil” movies on Hallmark Channel were such a huge hit in 2022, the network greenlit three more movies for 2023, allowing Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, and Autumn Reeser to continue the stories of their characters’ friendships and romantic relationships.

Now that a year has passed since the second trio of movies aired, fans regularly post on social media that they’re hoping for more. And they’re not the only ones wanting more. In recent interviews, Sweeney has made it clear that she and her female co-stars would love to keep the franchise going.

Alison Sweeney Says She Keeps Hearing Rumors That a ‘Wedding Veil’ Reunion is Being Considered

Hallmark“The Wedding Veil Journey” starring Alison Sweeney and Victor Webster

While promoting her Hallmark movie “Love & Jane” in February, Sweeney, told Cinema Blend that she’s hopeful her character, Tracy, will soon get to reunite with her college besties, Avery and Emma, in one or more new “Wedding Veil” movies. She mentioned that some of the deciding power is in Chabert’s hands, since she was an executive producer on the previous movies.

“I had heard that people were talking about doing something,” Sweeney told the outlet, “and certainly the girls and I would love to do another movie. So I hope Lacey makes something happen, because it would be so fun to reunite.”

A few weeks later, on April 8, Sweeney reiterated her desire to get the band back together.

“I’ve heard so many times that there was a conversation about ‘there is more to come,’ and I would love to be a part of it,” Sweeney told Us Weekly, adding that she, Chabert and Reeser have already pitched an idea to Hallmark.

“We certainly as actors pitched Hallmark, like, our ideas for what could go next,” Sweeney told the outlet. “I’m always hopeful that there could be more.”

When Us Weekly asked if they’d consider doing a holiday-themed reunion, she said, “Oh, my gosh, how fun would that be? I would love that.”

For now, Sweeney will have to settle for getting to work with just one of her co-stars regularly. In the “Wedding Veil” movies, her character’s husband was played by Victor Webster who, in early 2024, debuted as the new male lead in Sweeney’s “Hannah Swensen Mysteries” franchise. He  took over for Cameron Mathison, who moved over to Great American Family in late 2023.

Sweeney, who wrote the script for February’s “One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery,” told People, “It’s a totally different relationship for our characters. And so it was really fun to write something different for you than what we had done with those characters on ‘The Wedding Veil.’”

Alison Sweeney’s Been Wanting More ‘Wedding Veil’ Movies Since They Finished Filming

Sweeney has wanted to reprise her role as Tracy since the last of the six movies, “The Wedding Veil Journey,” aired in January 2023.

As she was promoting that movie, which put her and Webster’s characters front and center, she told ET that even while filming, she, Chabert and Reeser would brainstorm future movie ideas.

She told the outlet, “We would have dinner together and pitch each other ideas for what the next movies could be. So yes, there’s definitely room for more ‘Wedding Veil’ magic and I’m here for it.”

“More is better,” she continued. “If they want to do it, sign me up.”

While promoting the second trio of movies, Chabert told Forbes she loved not only getting to show viewers what happened next with the characters, but that she also got to spend so much time deepening her friendships with Reeser and Sweeney.

She said, “We’re all moms, we’ve all been with Hallmark Channel for a really long time, so we all understand what’s it like to be ‘that girl’ in these movies, you know? We’ve gotten to share so many stories and really support each other. I have felt so supported and loved by both of them.”

Whether there’s room in their busy schedules to dive into more “Wedding Veil” movies in 2024 remains to be seen. Chabert just finished filming “The Christmas Quest” with Kristoffer Polaha in Iceland, a popular HSN line of loungewear, and a Hallmark reality show called “Celebrations With Lacey Chabert” due to come out later this year. Sweeney has been busy filming more “Hannah Sweeney” movies in Vancouver, as well as “Love & Jane,” and Reeser recently teased in her Instagram Stories that she was doing research for her next Hallmark role.

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