All The Details About Princess Diana’s Backup Wedding Dress – The List

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White or ivory? Eggshell or snow? The color white comes in a variety of shades. While you may not remember this conundrum causing any problems in your elementary art classroom, choosing the right shade of white can be a big decision for a bride who is planning her wedding day. 

However, for someone like Princess Diana, whose legendary wedding was so much larger than a family affair, just one shade of white was out of the question. Thanks to designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel, the British royal had two wedding gowns of two different hues. In the end, it was the ivory silk taffeta dress that made it down the aisle with the young bride. Yet, waiting in the wings back at the Emanuel Salon was an entirely different gown dyed a shade of pure white. “We used to put bits of fabric [in] lots of different colors in the bins just to throw the journalists off the scent,” Elizabeth admitted to People.

While the backup dress was also constructed of silk, it would have made for a very different aesthetic had it been called upon that July morning in 1981. Dressed in her ivory gown littered with antique lace, Princess Diana’s final look made sure that her ceremony unfolded like a scene from a bygone era, presenting an atmosphere of timeless romance. In another universe, though, her second gown in a crisp white color would have signaled a wedding that was waving goodbye to the old ways and representing a new, modern page for the royal institution.

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