An F1 Champion Becomes First Person To Get Married In The Paddock Chapel – WTF1

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We were somewhat surprised to see that someone had actually got married at the Las Vegas paddock chapel until we saw who it was, and then it all made sense! Huge congratulations to 1997 F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve and his new wife (who looked incredible, by the way) Giulia Marra! 

If you’re wondering what on earth we’re talking about, after some leaked photos of the paddock wedding chapel emerged earlier this week, Las Vegas GP’s official social media revealed it was true and ‘Race To The Altar’ was officially born!

Honestly, it’s the perfect way to blend your love of F1 with the love of your life, and if our future partners aren’t suggesting this as a potential wedding venue – we don’t want it. Don’t settle, everyone.

It features an F1 show car (duh!) that says “Just Married” on the rear wing and a flower-filled wall with “Lights Out And Together We Go” in light-up letters over it. The perfect backdrop for those wedding vows.

All it needed was its first willing couple, and we got it!

Several journalists on the ground, including Chris Medland, shared photos on social media of Villeneuve and his (now) wife getting married at the alter in the paddock, and they then provided cake and a bit of champagne for those who came to watch.

If you had told us that was a sentence we would write earlier this year, we would’ve laughed in your face. Honestly, what a fever dream. Quite disappointed it wasn’t another F1 driver conducting the ceremony, though.

Would you want to get married at a wedding chapel in the F1 paddock? 

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