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Indo-Pak same-sex couple Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik faced backlash after netizens accused them of scamming followers through their wedding gift registry. The registry has since been removed. Anjali also issued a clarification.

Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik | Image: Instagram

New York: After Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik called off their wedding due to infidelity, netizens accused the Indo-Pak same sex couple for scamming their followers by demanding wedding gifts. After the backlash, Anjali issued a clarification saying that the wedding gift registry was meant for their guests and not their social media followers.

Sufi and Anjali wedding registry

Anjali and Sufi had registered themselves on Zola and asked their guests to contribute to their honeymoon fund, date night fund, IVF fund and down payment fund.

Sharing screenshots of the wedding gift registry, one social media user said, “I’m not as invested in anjali-sufi relationship/breakup as much as i want to know what happens to all the money collected on their wedding gift registry website.” Another person said, “I AM CRYING THEY WERE COLLECTING FUND FOR THEIR WEDDING AND WHAT IF IT WAS ALL TO GET MONEY LMAO.”

Anjali Sufi wedding gift registry

Anjali-Sufi wedding gift registry | Image: X

A third person added, “Bro they are literally begging for money so that they can use it for their marriage….I’m done with this influencer culture.”

Social media backlash

Social media backlash on Sufi-Anjali wedding gift registry | Image: X

What is wedding gift registry?

Wedding gift registry is a service in which couples create a online wishlist of desired gifts for their wedding day. Wedding guests can then contribute towards these items, ensuring the newlyweds receive precisely what they want.

Anjali Chakra responds to backlash

Responding to the criticism, Anjali said, “The registry was for our wedding guests and our wedding guests only. Neither of us have ever posted our registry link or shared it online in any form to ask anyone to contribute. The only place we have ever shared the registry link is on our wedding website, which is private and unlisted and requires a password and invited email address to sign in.”

She added that the wedding gift registry has been taken down.

Defending the lesbian influencers, one social media user said, “The Anjali Sufi fiasco is at least educating people on what a marriage gift registry is. They’re not asking for donations, it’s a list of items they’re prefer as gifts if you decide to gift them for the wedding and it is quite common and hassle free process.”

Sufi Malik breakup

Sufi Malik and Anjali Chakra announced their breakup on social media weeks before their wedding.

“We have decided to call off our wedding and end our relationship due to infidelity committed by Sufi. As we close this chapter, I wish for absolutely no negativity to be shown towards Sufi, and that you respect this difficult decision,” Anjali said in an Instagram post.

Sufi, on her Instagram account, said, “I made an unrecognizable mistake of betrayal by cheating on her a few weeks before our wedding. I’ve hurt her tremendously, beyond my understanding. I am owning up to my mistake and will continue to do so. I understand the gravity of the situation and can only ask relentlessly for forgiveness, from Anjali and Allah.”

Sufi and Anjali love story

Anjali-Sufi viral photoshoot

Anjali-Sufi viral photoshoot

Sufi and Anjali met through Tumblr in 2018. Coming from diverse backgrounds, Sufi being a Pakistani Muslim and Anjali being an Indian Hindu, their love story broke stereotypes, transcending borders, religions, and societal expectations.

Anjali has a wedding planning business in both New York and San Francisco. Sufi, a lifestyle and travel content creator, is also based in New York.

Anjali and Sufi found social media fame after their photoshoot went viral in 2019. Clad in traditional attire and adorned with jewellery, the couple shared laughter, kisses and cherished moments under a transparent umbrella.

The influencers announced their engagement in September last year after Sufi went down on one knee to propose to Anjali at Empire State Building in New York.

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