Anya Taylor-Joy’s Wedding Cake Was An Anatomically Correct Heart – Mashed

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Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae’s unconventional cakes evoke the realistic cake trend that was all over social media in 2021. The trend had people guessing whether random objects — think shoes, bags, and other foods — were real or just hyper-realistic desserts. The truth was only revealed by cutting into them. Much like in the trend, those who skipped Taylor-Joy’s Instagram caption were in for a surprise when they finally saw the heart cakes’ realism.

Besides sharing congratulations in the comment section, fans played along with Taylor-Joy’s vampire concept. “Who doesn’t enjoy eating a heart every now and again?” one account asked. If the heart-shaped cake tastes like chocolate or vanilla and comes with strawberry sauce, then we’re in. “We prefer real hearts, but this is nice too,” commented the official account of the “Diablo” video games.

The medically accurate desserts were certainly a unique touch to the wedding, and even if the realism went a bit too far for some onlookers, as one commenter expressed, “A wedding without … human hearts is considered a dull affair.” It’s a good thing someone snapped a photo because, according to Taylor-Joy, the actress gets in trouble for not taking photos of her food.

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