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  • Wedding guests, including children, fell ill from eating dessert at a reception
  • Several invitees had to be rushed to area hospitals
  • Wedding was in Cuernavaca, Mexico on Saturday 

At least 100 people, including children, got food poisoning after reportedly eating dessert at a wedding in Mexico.

Video footage posted on TikTok showed seriously ill guests being assisted at the banquet hall in the central city of Cuernavaca shortly after midnight Sunday.

Paramedics could be seen treating a woman who sat on a chair and while he spoke to them.

Footage showed another paramedic next to a a weeding invitee who was hunched over a chair while a person desperately used folded paper as a fan to help cool them down. 

Nearby sat another woman who appeared visibly ill while a man comforted her.

Worried guests could also be seen wandering around the entrance area checking on some of the other sick invitees. 

Others stood next to an ambulance as a paramedic spoke with a man who was trying to step inside the vehicle.

A paramedic yells out instructions to guests at a wedding in Cuernavaca, Mexico after at least 100 people fell sick from eating dessert

Azteca Noticias reported that several wedding guests remained hospitalized as of Monday.

Food and drinks were provided by Grupo Paraíso, a wedding planning service, according to the outlet.

It’s unknown what type of dessert was served by the caterer. 

DailyMail.com reached out to Grupo Paraíso for comment.

A similar incident took took place in June 2023 when the groom and 109 invitees fell ill with stomach pain, diarrhea and vomit following a wedding reception in the central city of Tepotzotlán, north of Mexico City.

At least 12 people were rushed to area hospitals while 64 were treated at the wedding party hall.

Another person died and 37 fell sick from food poisoning at a wedding in Salamanca, Spain in July 2023.

With the start of wedding season around the corner, the United States Department of Agriculture  (USDA) has some information that brides and grooms should seek when hiring catering companies.

Couples should inquire about who on the staff is certified to handle food.

A wedding guest is visibly ill after she was among 100 people who ate dessert at a wedding party in the central Mexico municipality of Cuernavaca on Saturday

A paramedic questions a guest at a wedding in Mexico on Saturday after at least 100 invitees fell sick from eating desert that was served by a caterer

Concerned guests wait near an ambulance as a wedding invitee received aid after getting food poisoning from eating dessert

‘Certification means proper  training in safe food handling methods,’ the agency says.

They should also ask the caterers what potential allergens will be used on the food that will be offered to their guests on their special day.

‘Notify guests of common allergens, such as milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans,’ the USDA notes.

It also mention that it’s important to find out where the food will be prepared.

And if it’s being handled outside the wedding reception site, the USDA recommends that it is important to ‘have plenty of knives, cutting boards, dish towels, and dish soap available for onsite preparation.’ 

The USSA also cautions not to ‘let food sit out for more than 2 hours’ and that ‘perishables can only be left out for 1 hour during hot (90°F and up) summer temperatures.’

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