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The love story of Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, was the talk of the tabloids back in the day. Before their wedding in 2011, rumors ran rampant about their relationship and what went on behind the scenes. Things calmed down a little after their wedding, but the Royal couple is never really out of the headlines.

Prince William and Kate Middleton in a 2010 interview with ITV News

Last month, Princess Kate revealed her cancer diagnosis, only a few months after King Charles III revealed his. This has pushed the royals into an upheaval, with commentators giving their opinion on the latest happenings inside the castle. But for now, let’s take a look back at the 2011 royal wedding, and some (one) special guests who were in attendance.

Prince William’s “First Love” Was at His Wedding to Kate Middleton

Prince William started dating Kate Middleton back in 2001, after meeting at the University of St Andrews. They dated for a couple of years before taking a “break,” at which time, the two were also alleged to have dated other people. But the couple reconciled soon, this time with wedding bells ringing, before they tied the knot in 2011.

Prince William
Prince William | Credit: BBC News

But before Middleton came into the Prince’s life, he had other relationships, most notably with the youngest daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, the former master of the Beaufort Hunt. Rose Farquhar, who back then was hailed as Prince William’s “first love” by the British media, allegedly started dating the Prince after meeting him at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire.

Unfortunately, their relationship was short-lived, and they parted soon after. But that does not mean they parted on bad terms, as the Prince and Farquhar, who got married to George Gemmell in 2022, have always maintained friendly relations. Farquhar was one of the guests at William and Kate’s wedding back in 2011. And the prince returned the favor, as he too attended her wedding in Gloucestershire in 2022.

Prince William Is Being The Perfect Support to His Wife

Kate Middleton in an interview with BBC
Kate Middleton in an interview with BBC

Last month, on the 22nd of March, Princess Kate made an unsettling revelation to people around the world. While everyone thought her absence from the media and public outings was because of an abdominal surgery she had undergone earlier this year, the princess revealed that there was more to the story. Her cancer diagnosis came as a shock to the world, but also to the Royal Family in itself, which was already shaky after the news of King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis.


But, as the Princess of Wales mentioned, she is taking the time to recover and complete her treatment, which is of utmost importance. And in this tough time, her husband, Prince William, has been “a great source of comfort and reassurance,” to the princess, who is focusing on healing. And of course, we wish the Prince and Princess of Wales our best on their 13th wedding anniversary.

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