Bel Powley Wore An Embellished Miu Miu Dress At Her Wedding To Douglas Booth In London – British Vogue

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Actors Bel Powley and Douglas Booth first met, perhaps unsurprisingly, on a film set. The two were working on Mary Shelley in 2016. Douglas was playing Percy Shelley to Elle Fanning’s Mary Shelley, and Bel was playing her sister Claire Claremont. “We started out as inseparable friends,” Bel says. “And soon we realised that every moment together was better than one without.”

Douglas proposed in July of 2021 on Primrose Hill in London, which is also where he first told Bel he loved her back in 2016. “I was so surprised,” she says. “He set up a picnic with all my favourite foods from Panzer’s Deli – bagels, smoked salmon, chopped herring, egg mayonnaise, and caviar. We drank Champagne and Bloody Marys, then he took my family and best friend to dinner at the Ivy. I couldn’t stop crying!” The same night, the England soccer team was playing in the Euro semifinals, so they decided to book a room at the Soho members’ club Kettner’s, where they set up a screen to watch the match with friends. “We screamed at the match then had a dance party with our friends until the early hours!” Bel remembers. “He nailed my engagement ring – after I’d sent him hundreds of hints to the style I wanted. It was designed by Rachel Balfour, who also designed our wedding rings. They are engraved with the date of our marriage, and each holds the other’s birthstone.”

Even though Bel and Douglas decided to have their wedding in their hometown of London, they still wanted it to feel like a journey, with different events and locations to make this special time feel as long and memorable as possible.

On the Thursday before the wedding, they had an intimate rehearsal dinner at Café Cecilia in Hackney with their immediate families, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. “We drank palomas, negronis, and Champagne and ate steak and chips and all got giddy and excited for the big day,” Bel remembers.

After taking Friday to recover, they got married on Saturday, October 28, at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond — a Michelin Green Star restaurant known for its fresh, seasonal fare. “Petersham is a beautiful venue, and we fell in love with the chic but incredibly relaxed vibe there,” Bel says. “As it’s a nursery, it is filled with beautiful natural greenery, plants, and flowers. We loved the idea of the wedding feeling glamorous and chic but grounded by the fact that everyone’s heels were in the mud!”

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