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Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke are celebrating 2 years of marriage together.

On Tuesday, the former Bachelor posted a series of sweet photos on Instagram with Clarke over the course of their relationship.

“2 years. 2 years ago we made a commitment,” Higgins captioned the post. “The commitment that everyday makes me smile with joy, feel a peace in my soul, has allowed every part of me to be even more free than before, brought a hope for the future I never knew existed, helped me see the faults that I want to change and brought a lot of laughs.”

The first photo shows the happy pair on their wedding day, as Higgins lovingly looks at Clarke while she poses toward the camera with a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

In another photo the couple is seen smiling with a puppy in their laps.

“In the words of my wife @jessclarke_ “marriage is great, every night we get to have a sleepover with your best friend,” the continued in the post. “With Jesus as our foundation and a loving commitment to each other I am so excited for every day in our long future together.”

Higgins adds: “Till death do us part hun I love you, happy 2 year anniversary. Goodness gracious she is really gorgeous isn’t she??? Everyone go out and send some love to @jessclarke_today for 2 years of being the best partner!”

Ben Higgins posts a Instagram slideshow to celebrate his 2nd wedding anniversary to Jessica Clarke.

Ben Higgins/Instagram

Higgins and Clarke tied the knot in November 2021 in a romantic ceremony at The Estate in Cherokee Dock near Nashville, Tennessee.

The couple — who met through social media — shared their joyful day with PEOPLE. “The first look took my breath away,” Higgins said. “Here I had my best friend standing in front of me glowing with beauty. I am so lucky to commit my life to hers.”

Added Clarke: “I could see in the way that he looked at me how excited and happy he was. I am just the luckiest girl in the world.”

Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke tied the knot on Nov. 13 2021 at The Estate in Cherokee Dock near Nashville, Tennessee.

Ben Higgins/Instagram

Prior to marrying Clarke, Higgins was engaged to Lauren Bushnell Lane from his season of the Bachelor.

In January, Higgins told former Bachelor host Chris Harrison on The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison that he recently bumped into country singer Chris Lane, 38, who is married to his ex-fiancée at a celebrity golfing tournament.

He recalled that he spotted Lane sitting at a bar a few seats away from him on the first night of the tournament, and decided to go up and greet him.

“I walked up, and I said, ‘Hey, Chris, good to see you,'” he recalled, noting that the conversation was “nothing but great” and that it was “nice to talk to him.”

He also confessed that he hadn’t seen Bushnell Lane since they called off their engagement following the series Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?i n 2017, and he had been “anxious about the idea” of seeing his ex and her family again.

“You know, when you go through a breakup, there’s always that moment when the Band-aid gets ripped off afterward, and you can start to heal,” he explained, adding that he did feel “it would be good to see her… like, it would be nice to say, ‘Okay we’ve done this, next chapter of our lives.'”

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