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At just 18, Ben Platt moved to New York City, and the rest is Broadway history.

Join the Tony Award-winning star of “Dear Evan Hansen,” as he takes a walk down memory lane — and talks his new album “Honeymind” — with the host of “Music To My Years,” Chuck Arnold.

In the West Village, Platt stops by his go-to date spot, Joseph Leonard. The romantic restaurant was first tipped off to him by his future fiancé, Noah Galvin, back when they were just friends and 20-somethings in the city. The Village is also home to a few of Platt’s faves: the musical theater bar Marie’s Crisis, the Duplex, and Stonewall Inn. “This is where you dream about being,” he said, as both a theater lover and a queer person.

The “All American Queen” singer-songwriter also dished about his and Galvin’s upcoming fall 2024 wedding in Brooklyn. “It’s all planned, and it’s all private,” he said before adding: “We’re gonna dance the night away” among friends and family.

As for cold feet, that only seemed to happen once for the vocalist extraordinaire. “I got incredibly scared, just got really bad stage fright,” Platt recalls about the first time he performed original music at The Bowery Hotel in 2019. Up until then, when it came to belting showtunes, he only ever got “butterflies.”

Now with his third studio album under his belt, Platt’s jitters are long gone. “This album feels a little like an exhale,” he said of the personal and vulnerable record. For more, catch his residency through June 15, at Broadway’s recently refurbished Palace Theatre, where gay icon Judy Garland once reigned supreme. “She’s the queen,” he said. “Her spirit is floating around us.”

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