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Dun, dun, duh-duuuuun! Wedding season has arrived in Western New York. Our invitations are plastered to the fridge, and we’re looking forward to celebrating the nuptials of our beloved family and friends this summer. 

Unfortunately, a video from a wedding in nearby Canandaigua, New York is kind of ruining the excitement for us, because no matter how fun weddings can be, we’ll likely never get to experience one as epic as this. 

Bills Mafia, take note– THIS is how to properly end a wedding.

Buffalo Bills Fans Love Their Folding Tables

buffalo bills folding tables



Diehard fans of the Buffalo Bills are well-known for their generosity and devotion to their team through the ups and downs. But if you had to pick one thing Bills Mafia is most famous for, it’s all about the folding tables. 

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Even if you’re not a Bills fan, you probably know (thanks to many viral Internet videos) that folding tables are near and tear to a Bills fan’s heart. If there’s a folding table present at a pre-game tailgate at Highmark Stadium, chances are high it will be jumped through or set on fire. 

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Is it a stupid stunt? Probably. Will we give it up anytime soon? Never. Which is why we adore what this Western New York bride did on her wedding day. 

Western New York Bride And Groom Show Their Love For The Bills In A Hilarious Way

Dr. Nikki Dodge is a card-carrying member of Bills Mafia, and she’s not shy about it. The 35-year-old urologist from Western New York paid the ultimate homage to her beloved team on one of the biggest days of her life– her wedding day. 

In a video she posted to X that’s sure to be a classic, the beautiful bride can be seen dressed to the nines, holding hands with her dapper new husband as they get ready to cut their zubaz-decorated cake while the Bills’ “Shout” song  is blasting in the background. 

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Suddenly, out of nowhere, the duo does the ultimate salute to fellow Bills fans and, well…just  watch.

On behalf of all of Bills Mafia, congratulations, Nicole! Go Bills!

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