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There are two primary types of wedding insurance coverage: liability and cancellation. Each of these coverage types protects against various wedding mishaps, depending on the insurance company, your location and the policy specifics you choose.

Wedding liability insurance

The liability coverage included on most wedding insurance policies covers things like accidental injuries and property damage that the couple would be held liable for. Suppose the cutest flower girl in the world accidentally trips and knocks over the unity candle display, setting fire to the surroundings. In that case, liability coverage can cover any injuries or damages caused by the fire.

If your wedding insurance includes liquor liability, as most do, then if your maid of honor is tipsy and falls into a candle display, insurance can cover injuries and damages.

Wedding cancellation and postponement

Picture this: The day for the outdoor beach wedding of your dreams is soon to arrive. But unfortunately, so is news of an incoming tropical storm. If there is no inland or indoor backup plan, your dream wedding day can quickly turn into a soggy nightmare.

Wedding cancellation and postponement insurance can reimburse you for prepaid, non-refundable deposits you’d otherwise lose if your wedding has to be canceled or delayed. Or wedding insurance can cover extra expenses if the event can still take place but at some extra cost. For example, if you can move the wedding indoors during severe weather for an extra charge, wedding insurance can pick up that bill.

Problems that are covered include:

  • Extreme weather
  • Vendors who don’t show up or who go out of business
  • Illness or injury of the honorees, their parents, grandparents, children or ceremony officials
  • Venue shut downs
  • Transportation related to the wedding
  • Hotel accommodations related to the wedding
  • Deposits or fees of professional services like florists, musicians, photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists
  • Military deployment

Specific damage

Wedding insurance can also compensate you for:

  • Damage to wedding attire
  • Special jewelry for the wedding
  • Stolen or lost wedding gifts
  • Screw-ups by the wedding photographer, such as ruined negatives
  • Re-staging the wedding for photos if the photographer didn’t show up

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