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NEW DELHI: Billionaire Ankur Jain and former WWE wrestler Erika Hammond recently tied the knot in a lavish wedding extravaganza against the stunning backdrop of the Egyptian pyramids. Jain, the Founder and CEO of Bilt Rewards, exchanged vows with Erika in the presence of approximately 130 guests. The celebrations were not limited to just the wedding day; the pre-wedding festivities were equally grand.These included a safari dinner in the heart of the South African jungle and an adventurous jungle safari experience. The three-day safari excursion in South Africa reportedly cost a staggering $2,000 per night.
Following the safari, the couple and their guests flew to Egypt in a private jet to continue the festivities. Jain humorously mentioned to People that his initial idea was to get married in space, to which Erika replied, “I don’t want to die on my wedding day!” The couple’s love story began at the celebrity-favored gym Rumble Boxing, where Erika worked as a fitness instructor and Jain was a member.
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,Jain added, “We’re New Yorkers and there’s something so special about being in a completely different world environment. So we decided, our wedding is about having a moment together to celebrate the new beginning, having a really special party with our friends somewhere where you’re in a different world.” Speaking on his wedding in Egypt, he added, “I’m obsessed with ancient history and society.”
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We’re not traditional wedding people. Why do you have to spend $20,000 on flowers? It doesn’t make sense. And none of that should matter when you’re getting an opportunity to sit and have dinner at the base of the pyramids!”
Who is Erika Hammond?
Erika Hammond is a multifaceted personality who has transitioned from being a former WWE NXT Diva to a thriving fitness coach. After her tenure with WWE, she found success in coaching and training, eventually becoming a founding trainer at Rumble Boxing in New York. Her journey began in Los Angeles before she made the move to the East Coast to join Rumble. It was there that she crossed paths with Ankur Jain, the CEO of Bilt Rewards, as she worked as a fitness instructor.
Hammond’s influence extends beyond the gym floor; she has been involved in creating fitness apps such as Strong by Erika, offering boxing-inspired group fitness classes. Additionally, she has spearheaded Knockout, another boxing-inspired fitness class available at select Equinox locations in New York City. With her diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit, Hammond continues to leave a mark in the fitness industry.
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