Bilt Rewards billionaire Ankur Jain and Erika Hammond treat pals to a safari ahead of Egypt wedding – Page Six

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A-list guests have been traveling from NYC to Egypt, Page Six has noticed on social media, for the wedding of Bilt Rewards founder Ankur Jain and Erika Hammond, the creator of Knockout at Equinox.

“Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary, Fox 5 anchor Bianca Peters, Equinox executive chairman Harvey Spevak, developer Mitch Moinian and “The Points Guy” Brian Kelly are among the guests, we hear, who were on a safari this week with the couple leading up to the big day in Cairo, Egypt.

An attendee told Page Six “It’s been a truly phenomenal affair. This is going to be the wedding of the year . . . We can’t wait to get to Cairo and see what else Ankur and Erika have planned.”

A source also told us, “The wedding is at a secret location in Cairo — and a few guests went on safari with Ankur and Erika before the big day later this week.”

“Shark Tank” judge Kevin O’Leary is on the wedding trip. kevinolearytv/Instagram
Ankur Jain and Erica Hammond’s wedding will be in Cairo, Egypt, we hear. erikaannhammond/Instagram
The group was on a private plane as part of the fun. erikaannhammond/Instagram
An attendee told Page Six that Jain and Hammond will throw the “wedding of the year.” erikaannhammond/Instagram

Peters posted safari pics with the caption, “The most incredible pre wedding festivities ever,” while O’Leary posted images of himself in shorts and a blazer look — alongside his wife, Linda O’Leary — with the caption, “I’m sure we will win the mood board award tonight.”

Points Guy Kelly posted pics of lions, snakes and other animals, while Jain posted a video of the mogul and his group getting off a private plane and heading on their safari adventure together with the caption, “six days until our wedding.”

Hammond teased some behind-the-scenes pics on social media. bianca.peters/Instagram
Jain has been posting from the trip on social media. erikaannhammond/Instagram
The safari is part of the wedding weekend kickoff. erikaannhammond/Instagram

A wedding photographer also posted a “behind-the-scenes” video with images of the bride-to-be in a bikini, as well as other fun shots from the trip.

Also this week, Forbes put the Bilt tycoon, 34, on its cover and wrote, “With support from American Express’ longtime CEO Ken Chenault, the founder of fintech Bilt Rewards has become a billionaire creating a membership rewards program for house and apartment renters across the country.”

Jain is also the host of his company’s online game show, “Rent Free” in which the Bilt Rewards founder asks celeb guests answer questions to win rent for the app’s members.

Guests have included *NSYNC’s Lance Bass and Staten Island foodie influencer Danny Mondello, as well as Knicks star Josh Hart, among others.

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