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If you’ve been keeping track of Bluey’s social media accounts since last month, you’ll know that the show is gearing up for the animated wedding event of the year with its season finale. Known simply as “The Sign,” the new episode will focus on the wedding of Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky, but there might be a bittersweet implication behind the romance.

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Viewers haven’t seen much of Rad and Frisky together since “Christmas Swim,” but Joe Brumm and the rest of the Bluey creative team have done so much with so little when it comes to developing their characters. It might have been kismet when the pair first met in the episode “Double Babysitter,” but there have been some implications that something went awry with Frisky’s “friend,” Bosco.

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The series is almost notorious for introducing its young audience to grown-up problems, and one such grown-up problem is when a relationship ends. The show has touched on this lightly, but this episode might introduce kids to the subject of cheating. YouTube creator and Bluey theorist Aussie Girl Margie goes into much further detail in the video below.

This Episode of Bluey is Called “Cheating”

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The creator goes into magnificent detail as to why Frisky might be nursing a broken heart before her first meeting with Uncle Rad, and the signs are just too many for it to be a coincidence or a theory alone. A breakup would be easy for young kids to understand, but the way she delivers the line “Bosco and I aren’t friends anymore.” is the first major tell.

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Aussie Girl Margie does a full analysis of the episode, but the elements that confirm it in the eyes of this writer (and likely many attentive viewers) are the subtle expressions and the dialogue delivered toward the end of the night. While this fairytale obviously has a happier ending than her relationship with Bosco, it might be coming back into play for “The Sign.”

For Real Life?

Four animated dogs, including Bluey, with human-like expressions standing in front of a colorful house, each showcasing a different emotion.Four animated dogs, including Bluey, with human-like expressions standing in front of a colorful house, each showcasing a different emotion.
Credit: Ludo Studios

In another video expanding on the trailer for the season finale, the same creator brings up the fact that Frisky might be getting cold feet, perhaps due to what she experienced with her ex. However, it might also be the golden opportunity for Frisky to take her own advice.

“Ya have to give it a go anyway, or you’ll be stuck in a tower with a stinky dragon forever.” 

Whether that stinky dragon represents fear of a new relationship after being hurt or something like settling for an unhealthy one, the “mirroring” conflicts seen in the episode is a genius move by Ludo Studios to not only break an issue down to a level young viewers can understand, but get the grownups in the room to pay attention as well.

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As much as Bluey goes to great lengths to address common problems kids might face, its true genius shows whenever it reaches out to the adults struggling with something similar. Relationships are a complex part of life that both parents and children will encounter at some point, and granting the opportunity to spark a dialogue for these difficult conversations is one of the show’s greatest strengths.

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