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This bride has one message for her haters – “I’ve got a man, and you ain’t.”

We all know the internet can be a nasty place at times, with trolls often leaving cruel comments on people’s social media posts that criticise their looks, living situation, or other personal attacks. But one bride has insisted she won’t listen to what her critics have to say, as she knows they’re only being mean because they’re “jealous”.

Crystal Connors recently went viral after sharing a video of herself on the way to her wedding. The bride is just 18 years old and has received negativity online for getting married so young, but said she doesn’t care what other people think.

In her video – which was shared to her @crystalconnors_17x account on TikTok – the bride wowed in a dazzling wedding dress that was covered in glittery beads, which she paired with a matching necklace, earrings, and headpiece. The clip saw Crystal lip-sync along to a hilarious parody of the Wedding March, which included lyrics about single women being “jealous” of her for tying the knot with her husband Michael.

She sang: “Getting married today, all you jealous b****es better get out of my way. Because I’ve got a man, and you ain’t got s**t, and if you haven’t married by now, you probably just might as well quit.”

Commenters on the video were quick to tell the bride how “pretty” and “gorgeous” she looked in her wedding dress, with many telling her to ignore her critics and continue living her best life. One person wrote: “You look so pretty, your dress looks beautiful!”, while another added: “Congratulations! You look amazing!”

Crystal previously revealed that she knew her husband, Michael, was the one for her the day after they started dating two years ago. The woman described her partner as not just her “soulmate” but also her “best friend”, and said that time had flown by since they met.

Sharing a wholesome snap of the loved-up duo on social media, Crystal wrote: ”Seems just like yesterday we met – and with a lifetime to [spend] with you, my love.”

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