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When a family has multiple weddings taking place in the course of a year, the hosts are often hesitant to ask mutual friends and family to attend both. And for some, like one bride-to-be, Sarah, there’s the fear of sharing the spotlight with someone else. In a viral Reddit story, which was uploaded on June 4, 2024, the original poster sought the internet’s advice after her sister, Sarah, demanded that she change her wedding date so that it won’t “overshadow” her own big day.

Key Takeaways

  • A bride-to-be and her sister, Sarah, are both hosting their weddings three weeks apart—one is a multi-day Indian affair and another is a Christian ceremony.
  • Sarah, who is planning a smaller Christian affar, asked her sister to change her wedding date so that the bigger party doesn’t “overshadow” her sister’s celebration.
  • The bride hosting the multi-day party declined her sister’s request, which started an argument among the two of them and their parents—their mother is siding with Sarah but their father supports the other daughter.
  • The bride asked Reddit whether she was in the wrong for refusing to reschedule her big day.
  • Reddit concluded that Sarah is the one being unreasonable since the OP set her wedding date first. The internet also noted that their mother is also at fault for playing favorites.

In the post, the OP explained that in a few months, after over a year of planning, she’ll be getting married to her fiancé, Raj, in a multi-day Indian wedding, a nod to her father’s Hindu religion. The Redditor’s affair is taking place three weeks apart from her sister’s nuptials, which will be channeling their mother’s Christian faith. 

Since the two weddings are happening around the same time, the bride said her sister demanded that she change her plans. “Recently, Sarah approached me, expressing concerns that our weddings being close together might overshadow hers, especially since mine is extravagant and involves multiple days of celebrations,” the Redditor shared. “Sarah asked if I could either tone down my wedding, consider postponing it, or even make it a fully Christian ceremony to balance things out.” According to the post, another reason for Sarah’s request was her concern for their family’s stress levels since they’ll have to navigate both events—even though the OP pointed out that there’s only a bit of overlap with their guest lists.

Because the bride was the first to lock in her wedding date and has spent months organizing the details, she rejected her sister’s proposal. “I told her that I understand her concerns, but I’ve been planning this wedding for over a year, and it means a lot to me to have it the way I’ve always imagined,” the Redditor said. “I also pointed out that our cultural backgrounds are different, and both weddings will be special in their own ways. Additionally, postponing my wedding would be a huge inconvenience and financial burden for us, given the extensive preparations and bookings already in place.”

When the OP wasn’t receptive to her sister’s idea, a fight broke out. “Sarah was very upset and accused me of being selfish and not caring about her feelings,” the bride recounted. “She thinks I’m prioritizing my wedding over our family’s well-being.” The situation has also divided their family. “My mother is siding with Sarah and believes I should change my wedding to a fully Christian ceremony or at least incorporate significant Christian elements,” the Redditor revealed. “My father, on the other hand, supports my decision and believes that both of us should have the weddings we want.”

The bride concluded her post by asking the internet whether she was inconsiderate for refusing to change her wedding date. According to the comments, the consensus is that the OP’s refusal was completely valid. “Given that the dates were done and decided a long time ago, no you absolutely shouldn’t have to either tone down your wedding or change it to a Christian one to meet your sister’s or mother’s unreasonable demands,” one person posted. Many agreed that her sister’s request is due to jealousy, not anything that the Redditor did wrong. “Sarah is being insecure that her wedding won’t hold up as well,” one person pointed out.

Others expressed that while her sister is obviously at fault, her mother is also in the wrong. “Your mother is the main problem,” a Reddit user wrote. “If she didn’t want to have familial clashes she shouldn’t have married a non-christian. This is an extended version of her consequences.”

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