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A Utah bride-to-be chipped her tooth and ended up with bruises after being blown out of a pickup truck bed the day before her wedding.

Alex and Lydia Kessinger moved their king-sized mattress by car near Provo, Utah. To keep it from flying away, Lydia laid on the mattress in an attempt to weigh it down while it was being transported.

“We were both like, ‘Oh yeah that would be a good idea if I could just hold down the mattress,’” Lydia tells Inside Edition. 

“We weren’t thinking, that’s the thing. We aren’t thinking of anything, because if we thought for two seconds, then we wouldn’t have done it,” Alex says.

Alex was behind the wheel as Lydia was lying on the mattress in the back of the pickup truck. They say they were going 50 miles an hour when the mattress flew away, and Lydia flew with it. 

“I just remember the feeling of the mattress going in the air. I was like, ‘I am flying, what is happening?’ I just remember screaming,” Lydia says.

She suffered severe road rash burns on her arms, chipped her tooth and bruised her chin.

Then, she remembered she was getting married the next day.

“I felt the top of my teeth I was like, ‘Something feels weird.’ I turned to him and I was like, ‘Are my teeth gone,’ and I open my mouth and his face is like, ‘Oh my God,’” Lydia says. “Literally the moment it happened I said like, ‘We are still getting married tomorrow, even if my teeth are jacked up. We are still getting married.’”

An emergency visit to the dentist fixed her teeth, but she was still bruised.

“I feel like I was surprisingly very positive and I felt a lot of love for Alex,” she says. “I just felt like don’t care what I look like I just wanted to marry him so bad that it didn’t really matter.”

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