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Most family occasions bring about chaos, particularly when there are pictures to be taken. Mothers attempt to stop their tots from crying while adults gather the young and old before the camera goes off. However, one woman was robbed of the experience due to not being a part of the immediate family.

A family photo is a great way to look back on memories, especially on big days such as christenings and weddings. But they can also lead to disagreements. One woman says she questioned whether she was being unreasonable for excluding her adopted sister from her wedding pictures, and admits her family are angry over her decision.

Taking to Reddit, the 26-year-old who used a fake name for her sister, wrote: “I got married recently, which is where the issues start. I invited Ally to the wedding, of course, and she came with all of my other family. When we were doing pictures of the wedding parties, I decided that I wanted one with all of my immediate family (so my parents, my siblings, and Maya, and Maya and Michael’s daughter).”

She added: “My mom brought Ally up to come take the picture with us and I was forced to tell her no. My mom started to get upset but then Ally said it was okay and sat down by herself. My mom isn’t a very confrontational person so she didn’t make a big deal of it but then everyone else realized that Ally wasn’t there and they got mad as well.”

Her adopted sister was left in tears believing the family ‘didn’t love her.’ She continued: “Ultimately, we took the photo how I wanted it because they ‘didn’t want to do this at my wedding’ but my entire family is p***** at me now. My mom said that Ally cried when she got home because I don’t love her, which I don’t. I feel like they forced into a position where I had to do an a**hole thing by forcing this kid onto me. I don’t think I should have to consider her family if I don’t want to. Am I the a**hole?”

The bride later went on to clarify she did not intentionally exclude her sibling from any of her photos – and was in fact pictured in some. She also admitted she was unable to form the same bond that Ally had with the rest of the family. One user saw her point of view and wrote: “Judging by the ages, you were practically out the house when Ally became a factor into your family’s lives. It does seem like you didn’t have a chance to develop the same relationship with her as the rest of your family. She is family to them. She is not family to you. That is not really anyone’s fault, but kinda how the circumstances came out.” Another person said: “Finally a reasonable response.”

However, others disagreed, with one person writing: “You made a young girl feel bad for absolutely no reason. The photographer is there to take as many pictures as you want.” A second person said: “I think this should’ve been something discussed prior to the wedding to avoid hurt feelings that day, but it is what it is.”

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