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Throw everything you ever thought you knew about getting married, and what goes on later that night between the husband and wife, right out the window. These newlyweds used their wedding night to establish that there’s more than one way to consummate a marriage.

Katey and Dan appeared on an episode of Love Don’t Judge, titled “I Let My Bridesmaid Sleep With My Husband.” The two shared during the show how they spent their first night together as a married couple with one of the bridesmaids.

That’s right this couple didn’t want either of them to be confused about what tying the knot meant. Getting married didn’t mean they were going to stop sleeping with other people. So they set the tone right out of the gate.

“We ended up taking one of my girlfriends up to our bedroom,” Katey explained. “We had some drinks and ended up having a threesome with her and it was really fun.”

Now don’t get any ideas about it being weird to invite someone else into the bedroom on your wedding night. This wasn’t some random person the couple found on a dating app, that would be weird. This is a good friend.

The bride explains, “She’s one of my best friends. So it was very comfortable.”

Letting Your Husband Sleep With A Bridesmaid Is One Way To Deal With Family Disapproval

A wedding night threesome and happily ever after don’t seem like they align all that well. That might be the case for some couples, but not these two.

This wasn’t their first time inviting others into their bedroom. They’ve been swinging on a regular basis and even have a couple they met on a swingers’ retreat that they swap partners with.

While they’ve made friends through their swinging, their lifestyle doesn’t sit well with everyone. Katey’s family doesn’t approve and think that what her and her now husband do is “disgusting.”

As a result they didn’t show up to the couple’s wedding. That was disappointing for Katey, but she managed to put it behind her.

“I struggled for a long time with the fact that my family didn’t come to my wedding,” she admitted. “But then I look around the room and I look at the photos and I see how happy everyone was for me for and everyone loves us for who we are.”

Nothing helps heal those kinds of wounds like inviting a bridesmaid into the bedroom on your wedding night. They made it this far together, what could possibly go wrong?

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