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A bride-to-be has been slammed for not letting her partner bring his teenage son to their wedding due to wanting “child-free” nuptials.

In a viral post uploaded to Reddit‘s Am I The *******, which can be seen here, user ChildFreeWeddingSon explained he had recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend and they were preparing for a summer wedding next year.

He added his partner wants a child-free wedding and that despite having a great relationship with the 15-year-old, she shot down the idea that an exception be made for him.

A stock image of a man and woman at their wedding. A father explained his wife-to-be did not want his teenage son at their wedding in a viral Reddit post.

The Reddit poster said: “I told her no one would have to babysit him, he’s 15 and she knows he’s well-behaved and a generally quiet kid. She then changed her reasoning and asked why I wanted my old family and life on the day I was supposed to make a commitment to her and our new family. I told her while I would be making a commitment to her, my son would still very much be my son and my family.

“She then equated it to wanting my ex at our wedding, which I do not and never asked. I told that I don’t care about the aesthetics of the wedding and that she can pick everything else, the food and aesthetics, the music, the dress, but I want is my family at the wedding (my parents, my sisters and my son), that is my only ultimatum when it comes to our wedding.

She started calling me controlling by giving me an ultimatum and said I had initially agreed to a child-free wedding and now I’m ‘gaslighting’ her. I said we can have a mainly child-free wedding, but with this one exception, an expectation that guests can’t even complain about being unfair since the only child is the son of the groom.”

Newsweek has contacted ChildFreeWeddingSon for comment via email.

Wedding Expert’s View

Wedding expert and editor of Hitched.co.uk Zoe Burke told Newsweek while a no-children rule at a couple’s wedding is common, there are often exceptions, particularly for a family’s own children.

Burke said: “I think when you are marrying someone with children, or if you already have children, you are formalizing your set up and becoming a family, so to exclude those children from the wedding celebration is quite a controversial take.

“The reason given in this scenario—that the child is a representation of the groom’s ex—is unfair. The child is not at fault for existing and they are an individual separate from their parents and should be treated as such.

“Counseling or therapy can help in relationships where there are issues like this, the couple needs to explore why the bride feels this way and how they can handle the feelings.

“It’s entirely up to the couple whether children attend their wedding—but to exclude a child from a parent’s wedding could cause a lot of hurt and have repercussions.”

Online Reaction to the Post

The post has attracted an estimated 18,100 upvotes and more than 10,600 comments since being shared online.

Many of those who commented on the post were horrified by the bride-to-be’s comments and feared she would try to split the boy away from his parent.

YouthNAsia63 said: “She doesn’t want your own child to come to your own wedding and not a crying baby or a terrible two but a 15-year-old, a kid that will be old enough to drive next year when the wedding is? If this goes as she wants, do you think your kid won’t remember?”

Stunning-Cry-5165 added: “She will be the type to make him kick out his son once he turns 18 or make him move back to his mother’s when she gets pregnant. She is pushing him out already.”

Renderedren posted: “Concerning that she’s telling him that he’s the one that’s being controlling and gaslighting her.”

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

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