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There’s no question that weddings are costly affairs—from the venue to the bar, there are numerous expenses that couples need to budget for. Many engaged duos’ parents help alleviate this financial burden by footing a portion of the bill. One bride, however, spent her parents’ contribution for her upcoming wedding on a down payment for the couple’s new home, and instead of throwing a big celebration, the bride and groom eloped. Once the parents found out, they were “furious,” which prompted the individual to post on Reddit’s popular subreddit “Am I the A——“ on April 28, 2024, asking the internet if her decision was unjust.

Key Takeaways

  • After a former bride got engaged, her parents gave her $50,000 to spend on her future wedding.
  • Instead, she used the money on a down payment for her new home and eloped.
  • Her reasoning was that her parents gave her brothers the same amount for their future home when they graduated, but she never received the financial gift.
  • Since her parents were upset with her, she asked Reddit if her decision was wrong.
  • Reddit concluded that the poster wasn’t mistaken, noting that her parents had double standards for their children and upheld sexist views, so she simply found a loophole.

The Redditor explained that she met her now-husband three years after she graduated from college, and they dated for a year before getting engaged. Once the couple set the date for their wedding, the bride’s parents gave her a check for $50,000 to pay for her nuptials. “I took the check and we eloped,” the original poster said. “We then used the check for a down payment on a house. My husband had a similar amount saved up so we are in a good spot with equity.”

Once her parents found out, the Redditor said they were “furious that they didn’t get a big wedding for all their friends and family to attend.” Per the Reddit post, her parents had specifically given her the money to put toward the wedding, so that was the expectation. She also noted that her brothers are taking her parents’ side. 

However, the poster said she had a good reason for using the money on a down payment. The Redditor provided some context, explaining that her parents gave each of her brothers the same amount of money, $50,000, when they graduated from college to use on a down payment for their future home. But the person writing on Reddit never received the same financial gift when she graduated. “I asked about it and they said my husband should provide,” she said. “I wasn’t married. I still lived at home.”

Confused about her parents’ response and treatment, the former bride is now asking the Reddit community for their two cents. The internet agreed that the Redditor was not the one at fault. “NTA, your family is being horrible and is using bull—- double standard,” one person wrote. “They didn’t expect your brothers to use that money for a big wedding, but you have to. They wouldn’t have helped you get a home unless it was through marriage, but your brothers didn’t have that condition and just got the money. And they expected you to have a huge wedding so that they could have fun.”

Another person pointed out that their parents are to blame in this scenario due to their sexist views. “Is this some 3rd world culture thing where boys get everything and girls are just fluff?” they asked. “Tell your parents ‘Welcome to the 21st century where daughters and sons are equal.’” Others commended the Redditor for finding a loophole in response to her parents’ unjust expectations. “Gifts don’t come with strings attached,” someone said. “Methods of control come with strings attached. Good for you for cutting the strings.” And another viewer typed, “You met their sexism with trickster-ism. Well done.”

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