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A bride-to-be has been slammed over a “tacky” detail in her wedding invitation.

The woman turned to a budget wedding group on Facebook to ask fellow brides how she could politely ask guests to contribute money.

She said she and her fiancé have been together for six years and have a three-year-old in an “established life together”.

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“We just skipped around with the steps and left getting married last so we don’t need wedding gifts,” she explained.

She said the couple are getting married on a farm with a “great Gatsby meets dark fairy forest theme” in mid-October in Alabama.

With her wedding just four months away, the bride has been trying to get the invitations out to her guests — but she’s been struggling with wording things on the details card.

The wedding invitation in question.
The wedding invitation in question. Credit: Facebook

“One issue is how to ask that we don’t need wedding gifts but would prefer gifts in the honeymoon fund,” she said.

“Please help, I’m so lost and don’t want to sound rude at all.”

She confirmed the couple had already blown their wedding budget.

The bride-to-be shared a draft of her wedding invitation, which stated: “In lieu of traditional wedding gifts, the bride and groom have asked for gifts to their honeymoon fund.”

Her post was later re-shared in a wedding shaming group — with many divided over her invitation.

“Don’t ask for money nor gifts. There is no non-tacky way to ask for money or gifts. The end,” said one.

“This is so easy; you don’t say anything. You just put a card with the invitation that includes a link and a QR code to your honeymoon fund,” added a second.

Another suggested: “It’s so easy to ‘ask’ for money though without being tacky. You either don’t make a registry at all and people read between the lines, or you make a registry that has like two things you actually need on it.”

Others weighed in on the money gift topic, with some suggesting they thought the bride’s wording on the wedding invitation was fine.

Meanwhile, some shared their own experiences on how they tactfully asked guests to gift money.

“We just told everyone we had all we needed in life, so anything they wanted to donate to a present, they could put in our six-year-old son’s bank account… No awkwardness about money as it was going to our son’s uni, driving and house deposit fund for when he’s 18. Who needs presents when you have everything and everyone you need?” one mum said.

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