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  • Comedian Tessa Coates was left shocked by her reflection in the wedding dress 

A bride-to-be was left stunned by her own wedding dress photo, which revealed two different reflections staring back at her in the mirror. 

Writer and comedian Tessa Coates uploaded a picture to Instagram of her wedding dress shopping on October 2, but was surprised by the outcome.

The image shows Ms Coates posing in front of two mirrors in the dress, only for a wider shot of the picture somehow seeing her in three different positions. 

Taken from behind her, Ms Coates is seen with one arm across her body, and one arm down by her side.

But the reflections in the two mirrors both show her in different poses, with one seeing her arms down by her side, and another with her fingers interlocked.

Explaining the seemingly bizarre incident in a post on Instagram, Tessa wrote: ‘I went wedding dress shopping and the fabric of reality crumbled.

‘This is a real photo, not photoshopped, not a pano, not a Live Photo. If you can’t see the problem, please keep looking and then you won’t be able to unsee it.’

She labelled the incident a ‘glitch in the matrix which made her ‘nearly vomit in the street’ after realising what had happened. 

Flummoxed by how this happened, she went to an Apple Store in Covent Garden, London to see if the picture could have thrown back different reflections due to a technological glitch. 

Ms Coates then shared how an employee named Roger was able to provide an explanation for the different in the snaps. 

Speaking on Instagram Live, she recounted Roger’s explanation that, because ‘an iPhone is a computer, not a camera, when it takes a photo, it takes a series of burst images very quickly from left to right’

Ms Coates said the seemingly surreal photo could be explained by the fact that she raised her arms at the exact moment the phone took an image of her back.

She said this saw the two photos stitched together despite being separate snapshots, due to a sheer coincidence that must have occurred in ‘a split second’.

The bride-to-be also said it could be down to Apple trialling similar technology to that used by Google Pixel handsets, whereby your device can choose the best photo for you automatically. 

She labelled the incident a 'glitch in the matrix which made her 'nearly vomit in the street' after realising what had happened

She finished by sharing how technical support employees at the Apple Store labelled it ‘a million to one chance’, but said that it resulted in the ‘the best day I have had on the internet for a while’.  

Despite Tessa understandably disconcerted reaction, others saw the funny side of the incident when replying to her post on Instagram. 

Fellow author and comedian Catherine Cohen wrote: ‘This is the new black/gold dress’. 

A second commented: ‘Obsessed that this is the deranged way you accidentally announced the engagement’. 

A third added: ‘3 different dimensions?! What is going on?!???’ 

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