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Weddings are meant to be celebrations of a couple’s love for one another, a way to bear witness to the commitment they’ve decided to make by getting married. 

At best, a wedding is a fun, romantic way to spend an evening. At worst, it becomes a tense political situation in which people are left with nothing but hurt feelings and an outfit they’ll only wear once.

A bride uninvited the groom’s sister from their wedding because of a Google search he made.

Stephanie Matto, who was a contestant on “90-Day Fiancée,” posted a series on TikTok describing the whirlwind of emotions she went through after she was uninvited from her brother’s big day.

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“My brother just uninvited me from his wedding,” Matto started her first post. “I don’t know how to feel about it. Part of me feels like this is my fault.”

She explained that while she’d only met her brother’s fiancée twice, “I honestly thought she was a nice girl… From everything he’s told me, she’s fantastic and wonderful.”

Matto went deeper into her analysis, saying, “Because of what I do, I was on ‘90-Day Fiancée,’ I’ve been a very controversial person on social media. I’m always apprehensive about meeting people for the first time because I know that they might have some kind of, like, misconceptions about me.”

“The first time that I met her, she was super quiet, barely spoke to me, but I just thought that maybe she’s shy, and I’m cool with that because honestly, I can be awkward in person as well,” she continued.

Yet she wanted her brother’s fiancée to like her. When she asked her brother if she did, he said, “Yeah, she loved you; she’s just really nervous. She’s intimidated by you.” 

“So, cut to the past six months, they’re engaged, they’re getting married, they’re setting up this really elaborate wedding,” Matto said. 

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“I had spent almost $5,000 on their wedding registry gift, literally got them a $700 espresso maker, which is why it’s shocking that today I literally get a text message saying that ‘So-and-so is not comfortable with you being at the wedding.’”

After receiving the text, Matto called her brother, “demanding answers, and he tells me that the reason why [is that] his fiancée went through his phone… She went to go and Google something, and I guess in her Google search history, she found him searching [for] certain images of me.”

Matto’s brother apparently searched for ‘hot pictures’ of her, though he claimed he had a good reason for doing so. 

He told her, “The only reason I was Googling it was because I was really drunk one night with my friends, and one of my friends is obsessed with you, and he took my phone and he Googled it as a joke.’”

“Apparently, seeing this made her uncomfortable,” Matto said, explaining that her brother’s fiancée is “deeply religious” and “worried that my presence there will make the family uncomfortable.”

Matto initially seemed to see both sides of the situation, saying, “I feel like it’s a little bit unjust, but then a part of me that’s trying not to be selfish is thinking, ‘Okay, this is his special day and maybe just by me not being there, it’s gonna be less of a headache for him, because then he doesn’t have to hear it from her family and from her.”

“Obviously it’s a heartbreaking situation for me because I spent so much money, this is my brother, my family, and I’m no longer able to be a part of this big day for him,” she concluded. 

Yet, as it turned out, there was more going on behind the scenes.

Matto posted another video describing the ‘despicable reasons’ she was uninvited from her brother’s wedding. 

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She reiterated the original reason she was given for being uninvited, which was that her brother’s fiancée used his phone to look something up and “saw that my name popped up. The search term was, ‘Hot pictures of Stephanie.’”

“I obviously confronted my brother about this,” she said, relaying that he told her it was actually one of his friends who looked her up. 

“The fiancée saw this and saw this as, like, a weird threat to her or got jealous to the point that she wants to uninvite me from his wedding, which, mind you, I’ve spent $5,000 on their wedding registry gifts, [but] there is more.”

“The other issue is that her family and her are deeply religious, and they’re very uncomfortable with my presence at the wedding,” she said. “They think that my past on ‘90-Day Fiancée’ and everything that I do on social media is going to be a black cloud on what is supposed to be a ‘Godly event.’”

Bride Uninvites Groom’s Sister From Their Wedding Because Of An Odd Google Search He Made Photo: Jenn / Pexels 

“I find out that not only are [there] those problems, it’s also because my brother’s fiancée has seen my outfit choice for the day of the wedding, and she thinks that my dress is inappropriate,” she said.

Matto shared an image of her dress: A light pink gown with a gathered bust and a slit on one side. 

“I thought I was actually toning it down a little bit compared to what I usually dress in,” she said. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m the [expletive]. Maybe I’m wrong.”

Brides policing other people’s outfits at their weddings is a fairly common occurrence, yet this point of discontent seemed to push Matto to make a definitive declaration about her brother and his bride-to-be.

“At this point, even if they change their minds and said that they want me back at the wedding, I am never speaking to them again,” Matto concluded. 

Ultimately, the people throwing the wedding have the right to invite whoever they want, yet it’s worth considering how those choices will affect their relationships after the wedding day has come to an end. 

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