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The presence of a sick sibling can cast a long shadow, even within a loving family. Important moments – birthdays, graduations, even everyday joys – can be overshadowed by one’s sibling’s health struggles. This necessary shift in focus can, over time, cultivate a simmering resentment.

The author found themselves caught in such a heartbreaking situation. Their youngest child’s frequent panic attacks had become a constant disruption, casting a shadow over celebrations. Now, the eldest child, fed up with the disruptions, has disinvited the affected sibling from their wedding, which leaves the author trapped in a tug-of-war between their children’s happiness.

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Saying “I do” is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and witnessing a disruption can be incredibly upsetting

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The poster’s daughter disinvited her sister from her wedding because of her panic attacks

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This has been going on for years but recently happened during the engagement party, which disrupted the event


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Feeling hurt by the disinvitation, the poster’s daughter insists that they not attend the wedding, which they refuse

The author is facing a difficult situation as their daughter’s wedding plans have sparked conflict. The eldest daughter, 27, is set to marry, but has chosen not to invite her younger sister, 24, due to concerns about panic attacks.

The younger daughter has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for nearly eight years, following an incident in high school. While the sisters aren’t particularly close, family gatherings have often been disrupted by these episodes. The eldest feels these disruptions have overshadowed important moments, like graduations.


The situation reached a boiling point at the engagement party, where the younger daughter experienced a panic attack. The event was cut short, leaving the bride-to-be upset and questioning the initial invitation.

Wedding invitations were subsequently sent out, excluding the younger sister. This decision has caused significant tension within the family. The younger daughter feels hurt and excluded, while the poster is caught in the middle. 

Commenters empathized with both sides. On one hand, many expressed concern for the elder daughter. They acknowledged the unfairness of potentially having her big day disrupted, highlighting the importance of celebrating this milestone.

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The original poster (OP) clarified that the younger daughter’s panic attacks are unintentional and triggered by events. However, the situation isn’t as black and white. As The Guardian points out, siblings of children with chronic illnesses or mental health challenges often grapple with complex emotions.

While they understand the additional care their sibling receives, it can leave them feeling emotionally neglected. Birthday parties become subdued, vacations catered to the sick sibling’s needs, and conversations constantly revolve around their well-being. This can lead to a sense of resentment, a yearning for normalcy and recognition of their own needs.

The poster’s decision to attend the wedding reflects this complexity. Missing the elder daughter’s momentous occasion could create lasting regret, and they want to be there to celebrate her happiness.


However, they also acknowledge the younger daughter’s challenges. Skipping the wedding altogether reinforces the idea that the younger daughter’s anxiety dictates family events. The mother might be hoping for a solution that shows support for both daughters.

Ultimately, the goal is to celebrate the wedding while acknowledging the challenges faced by the younger daughter. Through empathy, understanding, and open communication, this family might just find a way to honor both daughters on this special day.

What are your thoughts? How can this family navigate this situation with compassion? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below! 

Commenters agreed that the poster was not the jerk


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