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There are so many ways to incorporate family traditions into your big day, but one of our favorites is repurposing your mother’s wedding dress. While some brides choose to walk down the aisle in the exact gown that their mom wore for her nuptials, the getup might not suit your body type or style. If you’re looking for a way to integrate your mother’s special ensemble into your celebration that feels fresh, exciting, and unique to you, we came across a trend on TikTok that checks all of the boxes—using your mom’s wedding dress as the basis of your getting ready robe.

On November 13, 2023, TikTok user @makeupbyshannel, a bridal makeup artist, posted a video that captures her client Keara’s candid reaction when she received a getting ready robe made from her mother’s wedding dress. “POV: The mother of the bride turns her wedding dress into a getting ready robe for her daughter,” the text on the screen says. The clip begins with Keara dressed in a floral-printed dress standing in what appears to be a living room on the morning of her wedding day. Just as she’s about to open the plastic garment bag in her hands, the bride learns that the robe inside was once her mother’s wedding dress. After her mother tells her the news, Keara’s jaw drops. She exclaims, “Stop, I’m going to cry!” while the mother of the bride breaks out into fits of laughter.

The video continues to capture the pure shock on Keara’s face as she unwraps the plastic covering. She finally reveals the end result, which is a short white robe made of a satin-like material featuring lace trim on the cuff of the short sleeves and a belt that wraps around the middle. After the bride admires the look and feel of the robe, she hugs her mother, who’s standing on the other side of the room. The end of the clip shows Keara dressed in the clothing item, which looks like the perfect fit. “New fave wedding dress trend for something old,” the caption says.

The footage has started to gain traction on social media, accumulating 193,200 views in less than 24 hours. In the comments section, several people have shared how uplifting it was to watch the moment unfold between the mother and daughter. “That’s such a thoughtful thing for her to do,” one person wrote. “That’s actually so creative,” another person said. “I love that!”

The makeup artist’s following video on TikTok reveals how the rest of the morning unfolded for the bride. In the next clip, @makeupbyshannel documents Keara’s reaction once she sees how her makeup looks. In the beginning of the video, the bride is wearing her new robe as she holds up a small mirror. “Oh!” she exclaims once she sees how her glam turned out. As she admires herself in the mirror, others in the background gush, “It’s so pretty,” and “It’s actually perfect.” Someone else notices that Keara is beginning to get teary eyed, so she says, “Don’t cry!” The footage ends with the bride beaming as she turns to her makeup artist and exclaims, “It’s perfect! I love it.” “These reactions are what I live for,” the caption says.

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