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TikTok personality Tessa Chavez had a sweet moment with her two brothers after their father refused to attend to her and Cyn Wang’s wedding.


The couple tied the knot back in October 2023 in Mexico City, which is Chavez’s hometown. According to People, there were “some missing family members” during her special day, including her father because he disapproves of her sexual orientation.

Because of that, Chavez was not able to have a father-daughter dance on her wedding day, but her brothers Guillermo and Diego came to the rescue by celebrating her with a sibling dance in lieu of a father-daughter dance. <3


Wang shared the touching video on TikTok, which she captioned:

“When my father-in-law decided not to attend our wedding, our siblings stepped up.”

“My father-in-law is very religious, and he did not attend our wedding. My wife was devastated, but she tried not to show it,” Wang also wrote on the video’s overlaying text.

“It was beautiful and meant a lot to us,” she further expressed in the video about Guillermo and Diego’s sibling dance with their sister.


In a recent interview with People, Wang stated:

“We expected that based on their personal and religious beliefs, but extended invitations to them in hopes that they would show up for one of the most important days of our lives.”

She also noted that Chavez’s father never responded to their wedding invite. 

“As Tessa’s wife, it’s been heartbreaking to see her process this pain and rejection when she has done nothing wrong. It is very clear that Tessa’s dad has a belief system that does not approve of our sexual orientation and relationship. We hope one day he will find it in his heart to rebuild a relationship with us,” Wang further expressed.


According to the outlet, Wang is a lawyer and former U.S. diplomat. She currently manages her family business, and serves as San Francisco’s Entertainment Commissioner. Meanwhile, Chavez works in financial technology.

Moreover, the Chavez trio decided to plan for an alternative to the traditional father-daughter dance when they realized that their own father wouldn’t be attending the wedding. They may have planned the dance, but they didn’t rehearse it, as Wang revealed:

“The Chavez siblings are all very talented dancers and didn’t even need any practice beforehand.”

Chavez has four siblings whom she is all close with. And on that note, you can watch her heartwarming sibling dance with her brothers:


When my father-in-law decided not to attend our wedding, our siblings stepped up 💜 #cuñados #lesbianwedding #queerwedding #wlw #mexicanwedding

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