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Getting married is a significant moment in someone’s life, so when one bride’s mother-in-law tried to interfere with every part of her wedding weekend, she was robbed of that special experience. After the mother of the groom tried to sabotage every moment leading up to and during the festivities, from being adamant about wearing white to complaining about the DJ, the bride took to Reddit on April 30, 2024, to vent about her problematic behavior and ask the internet for advice on navigating their relationship.

For context, the original poster started her rant by noting that her mother-in-law “loves attention” before she went into her story. According to the bride, during the wedding-planning stage, the mother of the groom demanded that she wear “a very light beige/white lace dress” to the wedding, which her now-husband vetoed. “That was a HUGE deal – saying she didn’t want to come to our wedding and that I was ‘not making a good start to an in-law relationship,’” the OP wrote. To top it off, the groom’s mother ended the conversation by declaring that her son shouldn’t marry her.

Since the groom’s family typically hosts and pays for the rehearsal dinner, the bride noted that the mother of the groom chose the “cheapest” rehearsal dinner venue “farther from where we were staying” after rejecting all of the couple’s options. During the celebration, she delivered a toast that contained many insults targeted at her daughter-in-law. “DIL I hope you’re not offended, but this day is about husband so I did not mention you! Tomorrow’s your day,” the bride recalled of her mother-in-law’s speech. She also blamed the bride for her son’s infrequent calls. 

The following day, as the bride was getting ready for the ceremony in her bridal suite, the mother of the groom ignored the bride when she entered—even though the bride smiled and greeted her. The groom’s mother then proceeded to compliment the bridesmaids—without saying anything to the bride, per the post. 

After the couple tied the knot, the bride and groom took photos with their family, which was seemingly an inconvenience for the mother of the groom because she wanted to attend cocktail hour since there were “people there who wanted to talk to her,” the bride recapped. Based on her Reddit post, the bride told her mother-in-law that she was was welcome to join the rest of the guests, which caused the mother of the groom to “[sit] in the yard chair by herself and [pout] with her arms crossed,” the bride recalled. Then, during the reception toasts, the groom’s mother was talking “extremely loudly” and even announced that the father-of-the-bride speech was “taking too long.”

Even after the wedding day, the bride’s mother-in-law wasn’t done finding fault in the festivities. At their post-wedding brunch, which the parents of the bride hosted, the groom’s mother insulted the DJ and photographer for more than 30 minutes before complaining about the lack of food—which almost made the mother of the bride cry, according to the Reddit post. The bride’s husband rushed to his wife’s defense and told his mother, “Mom you’re being insulting” multiple times. After her son pushed his mother back, she got upset, claiming that the couple “banished her” from the party before abruptly leaving. “She loves being the victim – my husband believes that’s her happy place,” the bride admitted.  

When her husband went to speak to his mom the following day, his mother said her relationship with her son “had forever changed and that she’s lost a son and it was because of me,” the bride summarized. The bride’s mother-in-law also expressed to her son that she doesn’t want any relationship with her daughter-in-law going forward. At the end of her rant, the bride revealed that her mother-in-law’s behavior made her husband cry and “tainted” the memory of her wedding for her. After hashing out all of the details, the bride asked Reddit for advice on handling future interactions with her mother-in-law. She noted that despite all the drama her mother-in-law has caused, her husband and the rest of his family are worth it. 

The internet was quick to empathize with the bride and validate her feelings. “My condolences that she had such a negative impact on your wedding festivities,” one person wrote. Some even shared similar tales. “My husband’s mother, sister, and father all played a part in making it about them and left me furious and my husband spending our wedding night crying from the guilt,” another Reddit user revealed.

Most of the comments, though, were filled with sound advice on how the OP should proceed. Many recommended that the Redditor refrain from spending any face-to-face time with her mother-in-law. “You go low contact,” someone suggested. “Have a plan with your husband that always starts and ends with supporting each other. Then stay calm and stick to the plan (especially when that plan is leaving).” Another person proposed, “Make plans to see the rest of his family without her. In five years, renew your vows and have a new wedding without her.” Others encouraged the poster to pay zero attention to her mother-in-law and instead, “live your lives to the fullest,” according to one Redditor.

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