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Couples spend months organizing the details of their wedding—a process that requires a lot of time, energy, and effort. That’s why—after more than a year of planning the logistics and details of her nuptials—one bride refused to postpone her celebration to accommodate the delivery date of her sister’s newborn baby. Unfortunately, that decision caused a division in her family. In a viral Reddit post on the subreddit “Am I the A——” on May 30, 2024, the bride asked the internet whether she was the one at fault for sticking to her original wedding date. 

The original poster wrote that she started planning her wedding over a year ago. When she set her wedding date, the bride was unaware that her sister was pregnant, according to the post. Once the bride’s sister asked her to change her date, she had already paid all of her deposits and arranged all of the details, so she declined her sister’s request.

To resolve the situation, the bride proposed a compromise. “I offered to have a livestream so she could watch, and I’d visit her in the hospital right after the ceremony,” the bride said, but her sister wasn’t on board. “She called me selfish and now there’s a big rift in the family.” Although she has her fiancé’s support, her parents have sided with her sister on the basis that “family should come first,” per the post.

Based on her family’s reaction, the bride took to Reddit to ask the internet whether she was “the bad guy” for refusing to postpone her wedding. “I feel like it’s unfair to ask me to change everything last minute,” the OP typed. “I get that childbirth is a big deal, but so is my wedding.” 

The Reddit community unanimously voted that the bride wasn’t at fault, agreeing that her family’s request was unreasonable. “The world does not revolve around your sister,” a Redditor contended. “You’re not a villain at all. Your parents shouldn’t be involved…It’s ridiculous for your parents to expect you to spend huge amounts of time and money and cost your guests huge amounts of time and money to rearrange the date for one person.”

Many made the argument that delivery dates are not a guarantee, so it’s impractical to plan the wedding around the estimate. “Her baby could be early,” someone pointed out. “It’s a first child it could be two weeks late. Baby will come when ready and it’s unfair to you and fiancé to move all your plans.” Some even gave the bride advice for handling the situation: One person recommended that the OP ask her parents to pay for everything if they’re so adamant about changing the date. And another suggested that the bride give her parents permission to leave early, so they can visit her sister in the hospital if she happens to give birth that day.

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