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A woman has been branded a ‘bridesmaidzilla’ for making demands about her involvement in a couple’s special day. The woman explained how she is best friends with the groom – and expected to be on ‘his side’ of the wedding, standing next to him at the alter as his wife-to-be walks down the aisle.

But much to her disappointment, she was asked to be a bridesmaid rather than a ‘groomswoman’. However, she claims to have “gracefully accepted” the role – and joined the bride and other bridesmaids on a shopping trip to pick out their lilac dresses and shoes – but this only caused more problems.

In a Reddit post, she said: “I don’t like any of the stuff I tried on, since I never wear dresses and I’ve never worn high heels either. All bridesmaids found their dresses and shoes except me.” After admitting the soon-to-be-bride had been patient in trying to help her find an outfit she liked, she commented: “I asked her if I could wear some platform shoes I have and a lilac tube top with wide tailored pants.”

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But after being firmly told no, and that the outfit would look more like a ‘corporate office look’ rather than a bridesmaid style, she furiously told her she hated wearing dresses and high heels: “I told her I don’t know why I should have to.”

With her comments causing sartorial strife between the two, she was asked by her friend’s fiancée why she had agreed to the role in the first place if she knew she would be uncomfortable. “I told her I’d rather be a groomswoman instead and not a bridesmaid, since I’m not into girly things and after all, Mark is my best friend, not her.”

After telling how she took great offence from her comments, she said her best friend had since told her she owes his fiancée an apology: “He said they’re not doing groomswomen and that he had convinced her to ask me to be a bridesmaid to feel included, however, I insulted her with my words and behaviour.”

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Her admission divided Reddit reader opinion, with one blaming social media for how she felt: “Previously, if you were made to wear a monstrosity, the photos went in an album or maybe on the wall of somebody’s house. Now they’re all over social media, perhaps shared again every anniversary etc.”

Another sided with the bride, saying: “I am female and don’t know any female who would do a blanket ‘No’. Certain styles, yes. Most women I know have colours they detest and would hate wearing as a bridesmaid.”

Some sided with the bridesmaid, with one saying: “There are lots of women who aren’t comfortable in dresses and don’t ever wear them,” while another agreed, saying: “Some women are incredibly uncomfortable in a dress and that’s ok. She could have said no to being a bridesmaid.”

One reader said they knew some women who wouldn’t wear a dress ‘under any circumstance,’ while others would wear one only as a huge concession to someone they love.” Another simply said: “I am amazed that’s a 25-year-old human being. She sounds like a petulant 12-year-old.”

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