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Brides can often get a little highly strung on their wedding day, after all, there is a lot going on and it can sometimes cause them to say or do things out of the norm. Things normally calm down after a while. However, one woman has revealed that her own sister accused her of purposely trying to outshine her on her big day because of what she wore.

Writing in a Reddit post, the 19-year-old wrote: “I was a guest at [my sister’s] wedding, on the day of Mary’s wedding I chose to wear this light purple dress, some gold jewelry, and my usual makeup look, including false lashes which may not seem important but “is” later on. When I got to the wedding she gave me a nasty look but then went back to doing what she was before.”

However, during the wedding, her sister kept giving her nasty looks. The woman was even ignored when it came to taking photos with the bride and groom. The woman claimed that the bride even faked being ill to get out of taking photos with her, however, as soon as the woman had left she suddenly got better.

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Following the wedding, the woman received a text from her sister’s husband, her brother-in-law. She explained: “Mary’s husband began telling me to apologize for upstaging Mary at her own wedding.” Surprised and confused, the woman replied by asking what he meant.

He revealed that Mary had been telling everyone she had upstaged her on purpose by wearing a ‘cake load’ of makeup and wearing a prettier dress. Upset by the accusation, she responded that Mary’s wedding dress was very fancy – describing it as having an extra long train and corset – so she was unsure how her dress was better.

Doubling down on her denial, the woman also replied that she would never upstage her sister at such a special event, and if she felt that she had it wasn’t on purpose. She wrote: “I got left on read soon after I sent that. I’ve tried talking to Mary but she keeps on ignoring me.”

After posting a photo of herself wearing the dress she wore – a stunning lilac gown – she was inundated with support. Reddit users were quick to comment, with one person writing: “Generally describing makeup as caked on or whatever isn’t a compliment so idk what they meant there. Your sis is very insecure. Maybe she should have spent a bit longer shopping for dresses if she thought yours was nicer.”

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Another person wrote: “Why can’t brides just chill and enjoy their own damn weddings?? It’s pretty crazy that women spend all that money for one day and then can’t or won’t even enjoy it bc they’re too busy focusing on all the WRONG things.”

And someone else added: “Your dress is appropriate. Your sister is being insecure here. Call it the Pippa effect after Pippa Middleton who got a lot of press at her sister’s wedding for the crime of being attractive. Leave your sister be. Do not accept any blame. If any family tries to pressure you into apologizing, just say – ‘I was dressed appropriately. I have nothing to apologize for’. This is the hill you die on.”

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