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Nearly every day, we see a new development in Brittany Cartwright’s separation from Jax Taylor. This time, the headlines revolve around Brittany’s wedding ring.

In recent days, The Valley fans saw a press whirlwind around Jax and Instagram model Paige Woolen. Paps spotted the two in public together sharing a meal. Of course, it wasn’t all that hard to spot them considering their lunch lasted three hours. A spectator almost has to wonder if the two were trying to get photographed.

If so, then mission accomplished. The media is still buzzing around Jax and Paige. Meanwhile, Brittany’s reaction remains ongoing. She made what seemed to be a response on her Instagram story. Now, her actions may speak louder than her words.

Is Brittany back on the market?

Recently, PEOPLE released photos of Brittany out and about, sans wedding ring. On June 1, the star was spotted roaming the streets in a green romper alongside her friend. But it didn’t take long to notice that Brittany’s left hand looked a little bare. As with everything related to Jax and Brittany, one has to consider the timing.

Less than a week ago, Jax was spotted out on the town with a model. He then made other appearances with her as well, including at a friend’s birthday party of all places. Even despite the lack of PDA between the two, the fact that Brittany would remove her wedding ring just a few days later would speak volumes.

Granted, there could be hundreds of less sensational reasons for Brittany to stop wearing her wedding ring. There are multitudes in happy marriages who take off their wedding rings for one reason or another. Some married individuals stop wearing their ring entirely even if the marriage is strong and healthy. Of course, we know that Brittany’s marriage isn’t exactly strong presently.

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