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The season finale of “House of Payne” involves some issues between Calvin, Lauran, and his oldest son, Junior. We start the episode with Calvin arriving home after celebrating his nuptials with Pookie and Peanut. Miranda stops by, with Junior in tow, and explains that she and Tracie had been trying to contact him all night. His phone died, and he didn’t have a backup. Tracie, Junior’s mom, got into it with her son. He threw some keys at her and hit her in the face. So, when Tracie couldn’t reach Calvin, she called Miranda. It looks like we got some teen angst. Laura comes in later and explains she has been calling Calvin all night, and she is big mad. No argument ensues, though, because Laura storms off, and Calvin does not follow behind her. Later on, it becomes even clearer that Laura doesn’t trust him when she goes on to his computer to check his browsing history and finds some raunchy website called “Ecstacy is Your Destiny.”

Anyway, Calvin takes Junior to his parent’s place, and Ella lets Junior have it while Calvin vents to his pop about feeling like he failed his son. The grandparents dish out some necessary words of wisdom, but Calvin is concerned that it might be too late to get back on track.

Things get worse when Calvin walks in on Peanut and Junior playing a video game. The thing is, Junior is supposed to be on punishment. Peanut didn’t know that, but Junior was explicitly told he couldn’t play video games. Calvin goes off on Junior, but Junior mouths off right back.

Meanwhile, Jasmine again troubles CJ after mentioning that she’s not sure about staying in school. Her main reason is she’s not sure what she wants to do. CJ explains that school is a good place to figure that out. Eventually, Malik steps in and has a heart-to-heart with his sister and convinces her to go back to school and pursue sociology since she has a passion for helping domestic violence victims. That crisis is averted.

Back to the main crises. The finale winds down with Calvin getting a Dear John letter. Laura calls the wedding off because she thinks Calvin wants another Woman, whether it’s Miranda or whoever else from that Ecstasy site, and she thinks he needs to figure it out. After all, she refuses to get her heart broken again. If that’s not already bad, Junior piles on to the frustration. He packed his bags and tried to head out because he wanted to return to his mother’s house. However, Calvin tells him to get his butt back in the house because he’s there for the weekend, and they need to talk anyway, but nope. Junior decides to do things his way and walks out.

The end, for now.

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