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Over the past few months, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard have had to watch the demise of their engagement play out on Summer House. And yes, Carl has an idea of how things could’ve gone differently. During the Summer House After Show episode that followed the dramatic Season 8 finale, Carl shared just how much the outcome of their final conversation as a couple could’ve changed.

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“That last conversation, I swear on the Holy Bible and everything, if [Lindsay] was like, ‘Hey, you know what? I hear you. I see that you’re upset and scared and worried. I don’t want to lose you. I want to make this work,’ I would’ve f-cking jumped through her arms,” Carl shared in the above clip. “The embrace we could’ve had, connecting like that — we never were able to come together, in my opinion, to that level.”

Further reflecting on his final fight with Lindsay, Carl said, “Ultimately I walked into that apartment the last day hoping we could get on the same page. But as soon as we started talking, nothing I could’ve said to her in any of those moments could’ve changed the outcome.”

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What’s more, Carl doesn’t exactly feel as though he’s the one who made the decision to call off the wedding. As he put it on the Summer House After Show, “From my honest to God memory, I expressed concern about moving forward with the wedding, and her response was, ‘You’re calling the wedding off.'”

Lindsay Hubbard Wanted to “Repair” Things During Her Sit-Down with Carl Radke

Lindsay, however, sees her and Carl’s final talk much differently. “That moment was awful,” she said in the same Summer House After Show clip. “I thought I’d sat down to repair our conversation about careers, and what I was met with was betrayal.”

Lindsay also said that while she was in “absolute shock,” she was also proud of her reaction: “I stayed strong. And when someone is betraying me, I don’t give them my emotions anymore. If you’re the cause of, like, an ultimate betrayal, you don’t have access to my emotions. I’ll share them with other people but you do not have access to that anymore.”

Hear more of Lindsay and Carl’s outlooks by watching the clip above, and tune into Part 1 of the Summer House Season 8 Reunion on Thursday, June 6 for more.

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