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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – It’s a love story. Just say “yes” — to the venue.

Soon, happy couples — Swifties or not — will be able to live out their own “Love Story” at the Tennessee castle Taylor Swift sang at in her music video for her hit song in 2008.

Mike Freeman, the founder of Castle Gwynn, said he broke ground on the wedding venue part of the castle in 2017. He said he hopes to open the venue for weddings within the next year or so.

Before filming the music video, Taylor Swift and her team had been looking for castles across the country and even considered going to Europe before they found Castle Gwynn.

“I was wondering, ‘How are they going to find a cool castle in Tennessee?’” Swift said while working on the “Love Story” music video in 2008. “I just didn’t think that castles were in Tennessee at all. Now, I know Castle Gwynn. It’s awesome.”

Freeman began his architectural dream of owning a castle in 1970 when he began drafting plans for the castle. In 1973, Freeman built Castle Gwynn.

Castle Gwynn, located at 2135 New Castle Road in Arrington, Tennessee, is already available for people to visit on weekends in May, Memorial Day and the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

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