Cat Deeley bought never-before-seen wedding dress years before meeting husband – HELLO!

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Cat Deeley, 47, has never released photos from her wedding day with Patrick Kielty, 52, but she has described her bridal gown – which she bought before even meeting her second husband!

The This Morning host met the comedian and presenter while hosting Fame Academy in 2002, but their love story didn’t begin until 10 years later. Based on Cat’s admission about her wedding dress, that means she purchased her Alexander McQueen gown – who was also the mastermind behind the Princess as Wales’ royal wedding dress – over a decade before her big day!

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During an episode of Lorraine in 2021, the mother-of-two was discussing Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie’s rented wedding dress when she admitted she stumbled across her gown and fell in love with it. Cat didn’t want to risk missing out on wearing it, although she didn’t necessarily have her wedding in mind at the time.

“Mine is in the cupboard somewhere but I’d actually already got my dress before… It wasn’t because I was feeling lucky, I promise! It was a couture dress from Alexander McQueen – a shift white dress.

Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty met in 2002

“It was so beautiful that I just couldn’t not buy it and I hadn’t even met Paddy at that stage. I literally put it in my cupboard and I was like I’ll wear it to something… I’ll wear it to some awards. There you go!”

Cat and Patrick secretly married in September 2012 in Rome, just four months after going public with their romance. Cat has since admitted she didn’t have a big role in the planning process, revealing the only thing that concerned her was whether her friends and family had fun.

Speaking to Closer magazine, the 46-year-old revealed: “Patrick went and tried the food and did all that, I never even saw the place where I got married before I got married, that’s how uninvolved I was.”

She added: “I get to dress up and have really special occasions all the time, so to me, that was the most exciting thing to happen.”

Cat Deeley with her husband Patrick Kielty at the Emmy Awards© Getty
The couple got married secretly in Rome

They welcomed two sons Milo and James, and the family now live in London after staying in America for 15 years while Cat hosted So You Think You Can Dance – although Patrick doesn’t consider the England capital his home. 

He made some rare comments about their marriage after the coronavirus pandemic, which saw them spend more time than ever in each other’s company. “We’ve been married for ten years, but we’ve probably been married for about 30. If you look at a normal couple, they get up in the morning and spend 45 minutes with each other.

“They get their breakfast and somebody leaves for work, and somebody else goes somewhere else, and you come back and have three or four hours with them that evening. If you’re lucky, maybe less than that.

cat deeley kids
The This Morning star and the comedian share two sons

“You add that up and you see these old people saying: ‘Oh we’re 50 years married and we’re blissfully happy, and it’s been an amazing journey.’ You go: ‘I think you might have spent five years, seven, max.’

“So what was really interesting was for the rest of the world to end up in lockdown and see the stress that put on a load of relationships, the amount of time you’re spending with your partner. Some people could take the pressure and some people couldn’t.”

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