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They say beauty is pain sometimes, and Celine Dion knows all too well how true that statement can be. She landed in the hospital from a beautiful accent for her wedding attire. The singer was married to René Angélil for 22 years. They wed in a lavish ceremony in 1994 and remained married until his death in 2016. They had three children. Angélil, a producer who discovered the singer when she was 12, died at their home in Las Vegas at the age of 73. His cause of death was cancer.

During a recent video interview with Vogue, she says the seven-pound headpiece she wore on her wedding day, which was adorned with over 2,000 Swarovski crystals, was the cause. “I had an immediate facelift,” she said in the video. “I start to walk, and I go like, ‘Am I gonna make it? Am I going to make it to my future husband?’ But like I said, I’m going to run to you. I did. So all night, all great, people happy, but when we removed the tiara, I had a cut, because the pressure was too much.”

The headpiece was so massive that it had to be sewn into her head to keep it situated. “I can manage the weight,” she remembers thinking, adding “when you’re so happy, there is no weight, there’s no problem, there’s no pain.” 

While she enjoyed her wedding day and saying “I Do,” she says the next day, she paid the ultimate price. She woke up with “a [bump] the size of an egg in the middle of [her] forehead,” which she says made her eyes cross. But she joked to her husband that it regardless if her eyes crossed, “It’s too late now. We’re married.” Still, she knew she needed medical attention.

“I’m like, ‘Okay, let’s go to the doctor,'” she explained. “So I had to be on antibiotics for about three weeks.”

But she says she has no regrets. “This is a moment that will be with me for the rest of my life,” she said. “The dress couldn’t have been big enough. I could’ve had three times the size on my head. I could’ve had six different dresses that night, because he was, and he still is such a wonderful human being. He brought [out] the best of me. He really did.”


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